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Salted Egg Yolk Sotong

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This is hands down the best salted egg sotong I've ever eaten. The salted egg they use here is gritty because they use actual salted eggs. They don't just use some powder to make a dilute sweet sauce for these babies -- this dish is dry and that keeps the sotong crispy. Also, the sotong that they use is fresh and springy, giving you a generous amount of texture with every bite! .

KEK still offers takeaways and deliveries now! . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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As always, the wok hei is in point. A much healthier meal
Salted Egg Squid.
A whole squid drenched in salted egg. Umami.
Fat Uncle Sambal from @chefzwayne_
Recipe from his late uncle.
A squeeze of lime juice completes the recipe.
Thank you @paul_liew, @chefzwayne_ & @kengengkee for the wonderful meal.
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Was excited to try this, since it was their signature dish and read lots of rave reviews. But it wasn’t up to expectations. I think delivery time really affected this dish in a negative way. Sotong was not crispy and quite chewy. Prob overcooked due to being covered up. Tasted rather bland, and not much salted egg yolk flavor. Saw the curry leaves and chili slices but couldn’t taste them. Quite oily at the bottom.

If you are considering “zi char” for takeaway or delivery, @kengengkee should be at the top of your list. My recent dinner there was very satisfying as usual. Based on that meal, these are the dishes by Head Chef & Co-owner Wayne and his team that I feel are worth ordering because they should travel well too:

1. Salted Egg Squid (small: $18) - The slightly chewy rings of squid are evenly coated in a dryish style of slightly spicy, creamy salted egg paste. Highly addictive (especially with a cold beer).

2. “Hae Chor” (Prawn Rolls) - Wrapped in delicate, thin beancurd skin is a generous amount of juicy and tasty filling composed of minced prawns, pork and water chestnut. I had three at one go because yeah, they’re totally irresistible.

3. Coffee Pork Ribs (small: $15) - Hand on my heart, KEK does one of the best renditions around. Theirs feature large, boneless pieces of meat that are unfailingly tender, fragrant and delicious from a sweet and rich caramelly coffee marinate.

4. “Har Jeong Gai” (small: $12) - The prawn paste chicken is quite literally a flavourbomb on bones, so be warned, they are easy to overeat.

5. “Nai Bai” with garlic (small: $8) - A simple yet tasty stirfry.

6. Sambal French Beans with Minced Pork (small: $8) - Crisp, juicy vegetable with some meat and a bit of a spicy kick is appetising for sure.

There is one other key thing that can’t be “dabao-ed” and that is the warm and friendly service by the other Co-owner Paul Liew who runs the front-of-house. I look forward to experiencing it first-hand again once this situation with the coronavirus improves and we can all return to dining out with peace of mind.


I was disappointed that the salted egg sotong was dry instead of in a creamy salted egg sauce, as I had erroneously expected. Contrary to what many reviewers have said, I did not enjoy this dish very much. The salted egg flavour was lost in the thick starchy batter and the whole dish was far too salty and dry, it had me drinking gulps of water after every squid ring.

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Bring the pals and pig out on worth-your-while hawker fare. For sharing, get the Black Pepper Crab ($60) that stars a thick sauce with a slight kick, best enjoyed with Steamed Man Tou ($6 for 6). Also get the generously-portioned Salted Egg Sotong (from $18) that boasts a crisp batter and good balance of flavour. Save some space for their signature Moon Light Horfun (from $6) — think silky smooth flavourful kway teow with the delectable fragrance of wok hei! For a truly good time, bring your own white wine (no corkage charges).
Photo by Burppler Amanda Tay

Wanted to love this after reading reviews but found it way too salty and oily, although the batter was crisp.

Located at 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, # 01-136 Singapore 150124. Salted Egg Sotong, $18. This is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!! Although the outer layer is deep-fried to golden crispy perfection with salted egg, those sotong in it were still very soft and juicy! It’s so so so good that we couldn’t resist them! @kengengkee #hungryunicornsg #kekseafood #kengengkee #kengengkeeseafood #kengengkeeseafoodrestaurant #saltedeggsotong

The midnight horfun (M/$9) and salted egg sotong (S/$18) were clear winners of the night. The hor fun noodles had a qq texture and the egg gravy lent it a creamy taste. The sotong had a form bite and the salted egg batter was crunchy and flavourful, one of the best renditions had so far. Less impressed with the coffee pork ribs (S/$8, too sweet for me) and the proprietary Mingzhu rolls (6pc/$12, fried tau pok stuffed with salted egg, ham, mushroom and who knows what else. But generally not a fan of Chinese mushrooms).
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