Beef Tripe

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Usually tripe is braised but this grilled tripe with sauce is great. It's both crispy yet soft. Great. Posted by Ah Leong San 2015 August 11


different from normal tripe as they grill it until slightly crispy after braising. the tomato based moirepoix (?) didn't do much for me though. tripe is already rich and you just can't pair it with another mushy thing.

I don't recall ever having beef tripe, so to me this was a first. The braised beef tripe was crispy on the outside, and the inside reminded me of fats (the kind which you'd try your bestest to avoid but tastes so darn good). I chose to believe that this was definitely higher in nutritional value than fats. This was beef tripe. And it was good.

Must try! Beef tripes ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜! Love love loveee! #foodporn #diediemusteat #singapore