Corned Beef Scotch Egg

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πŸ’›Throwback to a few Sundays ago when I first tired scotch eggs with @ijclement07 ! It wasn't really my thing, but he enjoyed it!
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We went to Curious Palette today because Artichoke was closed for Raya holiday. Not too bad I must say! Good value for money, great ambience, somewhat creative menu and decently executed food. Scotch egg (in picture) was okay, not a huge standout for flavour. But their sweet potato fries omg. Crunchy, fluffy, salty and insanely addictive. SO GOOD!!! I would go back for just their fries. Order it!!! You won't regret it.

All my favourite in one plate! Slurps!

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Panko-crusted shell holding generous fillings of corned beef and a surprise center of a molten lava egg. Accompanied with tomato relish and guacamole, made the scotch egg extra flavourful when you mix it in to eat. The portion was just right for one person (you may beg to differ since its Raine we are talking here πŸ˜‚). Best paired with one of their flat white, coffee is always good here 😌 One of the 'you should order' listed in @burpple newest update! Always check the app in deciding what to order!

Opened by the folks behind Strangers' Reunion, this gorgeous, light-filled cafe in Prinsep Street is a favourite among nearby art school students and office workers alike. Many come for the much photographed Ricotta Hotcake ($14.90). In comparison to Paddy Hills' prettier version, this is a little more rustic, more affordable and a whole lot more generous β€” you can comfortably share it among four. We like the caramelised sides and the contrasting textures of pumpkin and sunflower seeds and milky vanilla ice cream, but we must admit we started slowing down when we got to the cakey middle. For a lighter sweet treat, the Buttermilk Waffle ($12.50) with Greek Yoghurt, maple syrup and fresh fruit is amazing. If you're here for a proper meal, try the Corned Beef Scotch Egg ($17.50), which is beautifully crisp golden on its breaded outside. The meat within is punchy and flavourful, and even better when smeared with the accompanying tomato conserve. For drinks, try the Flat White ($4.90), which is moderately robust and smooth. We also like their excellent Syphon Coffee ($6.90) β€” one of the owners is actually the World Siphonist Championship 2015 winner! Pro-tip: It starts to fill up quickly from noon, so visit either before or after the lunch rush to avoid the crowds.

Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Marc T

🐣 Beef could've been a tad more flavorful but the egg is runny oozesome & the breaded crust is tops πŸ‘πŸƒ #midweek #lunch