Great pasta and pizza! Really liked how good the handmade pasta is. We were practically licking the garlic tomato base clean off the plate.
And the pizza crust was just amazing - they didn’t skim on the spiced honey toppings too!
What made the food even better was their home made spice! So in love with the seasoning we practically sprinkled them to cover the entire surface.
Service was excellent and loved how attentive and nice the servers were. Would be back to try more pasta and pizza!

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Lovely ambience with great service.
The highlight of the night was definitely the grouper in iron cast with white wine. I can still reminisce the taste of the sauce and believe me when I say the pan was completely empty and dry at the end of our meal. The grouper fish was huge and definitely worth the price we paid.
The lamb kebab was also delicious and juicy. Sweet potato was soft and comforting. The sour cream was excellent as it goes very well.
We weren’t impressed with the focaccia to be honest. The bread was too hard and the fillings were just normal.
Will definitely return for the fish!

So good and worth queuing (but not too long 😂) had the normal (OG) tonkatsu and it was thick. The flavour was just nice and ramen noodle was alright. The red spicy tonkatsu was delicious too - though I prefer the OG one.
By the time you’re done slurping the bowl of noodle, you’ll be too full to enjoy the free flow of egg. Would come back just for the broth!

Current favourite ice cream place. The roasted pistachio is so so good - very thick and strong in flavour which is not easy to find. The matcha cheesecake is also good too. You can taste the matcha flavour and enjoy pieces of the cheesecake.
Would definitely return for the tub of pistachio. So worth the calories!

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Had the lunch omakase for $98++ and the whole experience was great! The chef was very friendly and engaging. Watching him prepare the food was extremely satisfying.
We started off with a refreshing salad with the best dressing. We even asked the chef how he made the dressing. It was so good we practically licked the bowl clean.
The seasonal sashimi were all fresh and delicious. Personal favourite was the toro and kimidai. It just melts in your mouth - think I was in heaven for that few seconds.
We were also served an interesting tamago (which was very soft and yummy) that we thought was cake. Best tamago ‘cake’ ever. We were so full towards the end of our meal I almost sacrificed the delicious yam ice cream. But thankfully there’s always room for dessert 😉
Service was excellent too. Definitely value for money and will return for sure!

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Had the two face ($8.8) which is a mixture of matcha and original burnt cheesecake and honestly expected more. Don’t get me wrong - it was nice but nothing really stood out.
The texture of the OG burnt cheesecake was good as it’s creamy and molten-y. The taste however could be improved imo. Personally prefer a stronger matcha taste and would appreciate getting the bitter after taste. Couldn’t really taste the cheese at the OG layer but the whole combination was alright.
Perhaps their specialty lies in their baked goods instead of their desserts but the service was good and the place is comfortable too.

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