Tried the Mermaid risotto and did not disappoint. The cream sauce isn’t too jelat and is very flavourful with the seafood ingredients.

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Ordered Mindy’s Chicken again after a long while and the standard is still great! Chicken chunks are tender and not dry, flavour is pleasant with slight tom yum flavour from the leaves.

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Ordered the Kadai Lamb under the recommendation of staff and it was awesome! Staff initiated to tone down spice level for us as fiancé was worried it would be too spicy and it was still amazing! The lamb chunks were substantial and super tender. The sauce is on the thicker side, but still so perfect with naan or rice.

Would seriously considering getting the normal spice level and more sauce to pair with naan!

Price: $16 - slightly on the pricey side but quality is good.

Decided to give it a try after seeing it on burpple and it was not a disappointment! The butter chicken is slightly too sweet for my liking but the fiancé loves it. Tikka Masala Chicken was amazing! Has a spice to it, not too much. Enough to taste but not enough to kill. Would love it to be a bit more if not for the lamb we ordered too. The chicken pieces were substantial and soooo tender!

Got these two mains with two drinks for $29.90++ under burpple beyond. Take note that the main comes ala carte, so no naan or rice is included.

We tried the garlic naan and the rice infused with cumin (forgot what it’s called). They were yummy, but the butter chicken sauce and tikka masala overpowered the flavours of naan and rice. Would get the plain naan and rice next time, since they are technically more of a vehicle to transport more gravy into our mouths🙊

Service was amazing! Food recommendations were great and feedback were sought from us. Keep it up!! 👍🏼

Ordered both lamb shanks this time for lunch and it was better! The meat was more tender and smoking hot this time, think they were too busy during our previous visit (dinner) and so the meat was left sitting on the counter for a while.

Tried the truffle fries too but it was nothing special. Coffee was the typical machine sort, enough for a quick caffeine fix.

Lamb shank: $26 - super worth it with burpple beyond when each is only $13++

There was furikake topping this time round, different from previously but it was still so yummy. The prawn flavour wasn’t as strong as before, but was complemented with kelp and taste equally yummy! The prawns were perfectly timed and the garlic wasn’t burnt like in other places, but perfectly cooked to release the fragrance.

Overall, still my favourite pasta.

Price: $24

Overall still a good steak. Well marinated and tasty, however it wasn’t juicy even tho it was cooked medium rare. The vine tomatoes were amazingly succulent tho!

Ordered Mac and cheese, and truffle mashed potatoes as sides. Both are well worth the extra starch in your belly!

Beef was nicely done, medium rare as requested. However, meat was overly seasoned - more salt than pepper, not so much to my liking. Salad was drenched with dressing until it became so soggy and sad… would recommend the lamb shank over ribeye.

Portion could have been bigger...

Price: $26

Sous vide yet the outer meat is slightly drier than inner. Inner meat is very tender, lamb flavour isn’t as strong as expected. Coupled with marinara sauce. The salad on the side is drenched and soggy with balsamic that is neither sour nor sweet, potato in the side is boiled till absolute softness (like mashed potato). I would say come here for the meat, not so much the sides.

Portion is worthwhile for the price, especially with burpple beyond. Tried the tater tots and clam chowder too. Tater tots was addictive, tho the crust is slightly too dry and the bottom of the basket was a bit lao hong?? Clam chowder was creamy, not so much my preference..

Lamb Shank: $26

Wanted to try the signature flavour but burpple only allows certain selection, ended up with the roasted coconut flavour instead.

Shake is less creamy than MrCoconut (great for my preference! But bf prefers a creamier texture). Roasted flavour tasted like caramelised? Sweet like popcorn. It was sweet enough even with zero percent sugar. Think I might prefer the signature flavour… Opted for chunks so there’s coconut bits to chew one, chunks were not huge, but still chewable. Love that they have this option.

Price: $6.90 for regular roasted coconut, $5.80 for signature. Very worth it with burpple beyond!

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Tomato base was nice and not too sweet. Generous with mozzarella and cheese toppings! Crust was very crispy like keropok, mum loves it but it was a tad too dry for me.

Price: $24, portion recommended for 2 pax

Buffalo wings were not spicy like other buffalo wings I’ve tried, but still nice. Goes well with the ranch dressing.

Price: $11