You’ll especially like this if you enjoy sliced pork belly and dumplings containing different types of meet. Add chilli flakes for an added spicy kick!

A very well cooked dish of fried rice that has little surprises like sliced fish inside. Definitely tasty although not what I had in mind for a salted egg fried rice.

Still one of my favourite bubble teas around. The tea taste is not too bitter and still fragrant. Paired with the sweet black sesame pearls, it is an enjoyable comfort drink!

One thing for sure is that there are many stalls here and the place really does emulate what a Thai night market would feel like. Some of the food options here are really quite nice too. Be prepared to spend though as the cheapest thing you can possibly find here for food is about $5. You can however find some good deals for drinks.

The ice cream still tasted pretty authentic though. Like the ones in the real chatuchak, the coconut shell cup has scoops of coconut ice cream, some coconut flesh and green jelly. Quite refreshing for a hot day if you don’t mind the price!

Still one of my favourite ice cream parlours to eat at. The cones are crunchy and yet not too hard. If you like caramel, you should definitely try the salted butterscotch. It has a creamy, sweet and yet savoury flavour to it with little surprises of caramel crunches in between. Highly recommended!

Pretty decent if you are looking for a rather cheap steak quite close to an MRT. The steaks are nicely peppered but otherwise pretty ordinary. The fries are really good though.

The main of the entire set. Very nicely done an delegantly plated. The meat isn’t too fatty so don’t expect it to melt but it really is quite delicious. I would return to perhaps try their full steak.

One of my personal faves during the set meal. It’s very juicy and flavourful despite being lightly salted. It was so small that it was a bit sad that it finished so quickly. Would have liked to have a full burger of this!

The tea is flavourful and yet not too bitter. The white pearls are a great pairing to the tea and adds enough sweetness so you wouldn’t need to ask for any sugar in the original drink. Would get it again!

The bowls look small but they are pretty deep and a lot of meet is given actually making this meal very value for money. The meats are cooked with a blow torch which gives in a nice charred flavour. Served with seasoned rice and an onsen egg. Enjoy your meal from the counter while you observe the staff preparing other meals.

We decided to come here to see how different compared to its home city. It certainly has retained the style in terms of it’s decor that really does help to set the mood.

As for the food, they have a huge variety but it was average at best. The duck was nice and tasty at first but became a tad salty after a while. The stuffed dumpling was interesting and the filling was quite nice but the stuffing at the corners were not as much as the middle. The giant meatball was probably the best dish there. Otherwise the rest were an average but decent chinese meal.

It has left much desire to return to the huge variety of food in Nanjing but it was still a nice meal. Would not have come with the Eatigo deal though.

They have a wide selections of gelato that range from the usuals like chocolate and nutty flavours to fruity flavours like raspberry and passion fruit. In terms of nutty ones, their hazelnuts and pistachios seems to be pretty solid choices for me. For some extra kick, go for their fruity flavours.

The stated price is the menu price but keep alrrt on chope or shopee if you want a 40% off deal.