got the lunch set for $17++ and the burpple beyond deal! quite worth it as we saved around $12. the bowl of noodles isn't that big of a portion, but still very yummy nonetheless! the dumplings are really good too, we got the smoked duck and sichuan and it was vv yumz 😋😋 sichuan was pretty much chilli oil dumplings! would come back again ⭐️⭐️


with beyond’s 1-for-1 deal my family got two jumbo cups of gelato at ten bucks!! 😋😋 a total steal for quality gelato. the pictured flavours are blood orange, ube, green tea and dark chocolate. the ube wasn’t very outstanding but i thought the dark chocolate and green tea were really good!! the texture of the gelato was extremely thick, creamy and smooth—a perfect treat for a sweltering hot day. it wasn’t too sweet or jelat either and i would definitely go back for another round esp since it’s so worth ittt

shared this with a couple of my friends a while ago! unfortunately i really wasn’t a fan of this and i didn’t finish the waffle even though i only took a quarter )-: i think the best part of this dish was..... the salad. i just really didn’t like the taste of the waffle batter, i don’t know whether it’s because it was made to be savoury but it tasted strangely salty?? it’s my first time having a savoury waffle though so maybe it’s like this for all. the eggs didn’t have a very good texture overall, and the ham/cheese wasn’t very impressionable. i think i’ll stick to the diy pancakes the next time i come!

hands down the best, most delicious flatbread i’ve had in my life. something i always look forward to when i come to osia is their flatbread! they’re priced at $14 per tray and come in four flavours (sundried tomato & cheddar, salted egg yolk & curry leaf, garlic butter & parmesan and macadamia & basil pesto).

tip: order two trays and ask for half and half—this way you get to try all four and they’re all equally delicious!

best served hot and toasty. the bread is unbelievably flavourful and soft, and when it’s paired with their signature dips (vary from day to day), it’s absolutely divine—no kidding.

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just dough buns are my absolute favourite and i don’t think it’d be possible for me to get enough of them. what’s there not to love about the colourful, soft skin and generous filling????? i think it’s a craving that i can never satisfy because no matter how many i eat i just want more haha. not to mention—their buns are generally huge, but their price point is literally that of bakeries such as breadtalk etc which i think is super worth it considering that they’re handmade!

so far i’ve tried the tapioca, red bean, sweet potato and yam (which ranks #1 for me!). this is the red bean one which definitely did not disappoint! the red beans are ungrounded and chunky, and most importantly they weren’t artificially sweetened at all which made the bun so wholesome and healthy. super love love love!! the dough is soooo fluffy and soft and chewy and all things good. a 90000000/10 and everyone should have at least one just dough bun in their life hahah 🤤

when i first visited habitat a while back i got the beets bowl but i forgot the name of the stall 😅 the protein i chose was the barramundi but it was cold and tough which wasn’t really too great,, the green sauce that went with it was really tasty though and i wish they gave more!! it was a mistake on my part to choose potatoes as well as sweet potatoes to go with the bowl because it was definitely carbs / potato overkill hahaha but i’d definitely go back to try out the different sides 😋😋 the bowl is huge though, suitable for sharing!!

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finally got my hands on matchaya!!! was super excited to try it especially after all the good reviews and i was definitely not disappointed. the flavour of the matcha was super rich but slightly on the lighter side, not as burnt/smoky as i’d like it to be! i’m not quite sure why—perhaps it was overpowered by the sweet potato which i wasn’t very impressed with, to be frank. it didn’t particularly taste like anything, so i think next time i’ll just stick to pure matcha instead! i love the presentation though, and the whole feel of it is very premium. you can still taste something like matcha grains in the soft serve and i really like the thick & smooth texture!! it’s not too sweet and the biscuit went really well with it too. next time i’ll surely want to try their parfaits!!

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okay, declaration: this is the best damn ice cream i’ve had in my entire life 🤤🤤🤤 we dropped by on single’s day so there was a 10% promo for the croissant + ice cream! i tried three flavours—avocado (as pictured), toasted rice green tea and pistachio. the combination of the flaky, warm croissant and creamy avocado ice cream was absolutely heavenly. the quality of their gelatos are amazingly smooth and you can really taste the ingredients they use to make them. i loved the burnt taste of the green tea flavour and you can even taste the pistachio bits in the pistachio flavour! even as someone who doesn’t like avocado, i fell in love with the ice cream. i love that they make the gelatos themselves and use natural ingredients because they aren’t too sweet and taste generally healthy? and very very premium, of course!! the price is extremely worth it for the kind of quality gelato you receive. the staff were super welcoming and recommended us their signature flavours as well, which surely contributed to the experience. the interior of dopa dopa was very cozy and quaint as well!! i literally cannot describe how much i looove dopa dopa and you really should come down and give it a try yourself if you haven’t already. definitely will come back for more visits in the future!!! ❤️

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visited habitat last weekend and was pretty impressed with it!! i ate this really yummy beets bowl (?) and we ordered these pancakes ($14) for dessert which honestly blew me away. these pancakes are the right texture of airy, smooth and light all at the same time, true to their name! it’s very satisfying to cut into haha and they are soo jiggly and soft 🤤🤤 i think they are better without the maple syrup even though i usually love maple syrup heh. the vanilla chantilly cream pairs extremely well with the pancakes, though, and this is coming from someone who isn’t really a fan of cream usually!! the pancakes are fluffy and you can really taste the egg in them, i think they’re the right amount of sweetness and it doesn’t leave you feeling jelat at all. i could finish it on my own tbh. definitely worth a try if you head down to habitat 🥞

dropped by the neighbourhood collin’s for lunch today and got the salmon fillet with potato wedges, brocolli and corn ($15.90)! i always love having a casual visit to collin’s for lunch because it’s always super affordable (and for such a huge portion, too). whilst i can’t say it’s the most amazing, mindblowing western food i’ve ever had, it’s of relatively decent quality, given the price. it was my first time having their salmon and i had no issues with it, although it’s surely not my favourite there! that would have to be the bbq roasted pork ribs w/ sweet potato fries ($15.90), which, honestly? are to die for. 🤤 do give that a try when you go there because the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender and the sauce is delicious!! the salmon, on the otherhand, was average, but i have to say that it was cooked really well so that the fillet wasn’t too dry, and it was relatively large. it was a very balanced meal in the sense that there were proteins, carbs & veggies !!

the portions are really large and it’ll definitely fill you up be it for lunch or dinner. they have a pretty attractive weekday lunchtime value set meal too so be sure to check that out if you’re ever in the area! i also recommend the lemon and orange earl grey tea which is extremely tasty and refreshing. overall, a definite bang for buck and i’d always be glad to visit again 😋

co+nut+ink’s premium nuts & fruits ice cream ($6.50) is the ideal dessert for a sunny day as it’s especially refreshing !! it’s a little on the pricier end for a single scoop but it also comes with a complementary cup of coconut water. the ice cream isn’t the creamy, thick sort, but rather it’s reminiscent of the thinner and thirst-quenching texture of sorbet. i’m not a fan of coconut in general but i do quite like this because the coconut taste isn’t particularly strong! the nuts also add a lot of crunch to what would otherwise be a pretty boring scoop of ice cream. there’s also a generous serving of coconut flesh on the husk if you wish to scrape it out and eat it as well. this isn’t an extremely outstanding ice cream, but it is relatively good for when you’re craving something light and icy. perfect for when you’re stopping by the beach!

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(excuse the emojis) i’ve been dying to try acai bowls forever and finally had the chance to visit parallel acai with a friend the other day!!! i got the regular superstar bowl ($8.90) and i absolutely loved it. imo it’s pretty perfect for a hot day because it’s deliciously icy! serving portion is a little small but i loved the toppings on this bowl. there are two other flavours to try with varying toppings but i didn’t regret getting this one. i especially liked the granola because it added a lot of texture and was really fragrant. it gave it a very distinct, nutty flavour and contrasted nicely with the smoothness of the acai base. the banana taste is strong though so do take note if you dislike bananas!

tbvh i’m sold and i would def go back to grab another bowl again. however it can be a little challenging to find the place if you haven’t visited before because it’s tucked away in a corner and is easy to miss! there aren’t many seats available too so it’s great for a grab ‘n go if you feel like treating yourself with something cold & healthy (although not particularly filling). craving for more!!

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