Double scoop ice cream + waffle + 2 hot drinks ~$18+ after burpple deal.

Quirky cafe with many interesting vintage trinkets.
Loved the table service; friendly and helpful staff!
Food was delicious and portions was generous.

Taste great! Can top up for premium flavours. Easy redemption!

Great service! Food was delicious (lamb shank and sea perch were terrific!) and the mocktails were cute~

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Spent a total of 31.50 after burpple for two main dishes (Dirty Norwegian, chilli crab pasta 19 each) and two mushroom soups at 6.90 each.

The dishes were much sweeter (literally) than before; especially the chilli crab pasta.

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10.70 for two cups. Tried the 70% Costa Rica and 72% Venezuela chocolate. Delicious.

Delicious food. Good service and convenient location. Good deal with burpple.

Popcorn Latte (6++) and Smooth Latte Hot (6++). Nice place to have a cup of coffee. Has lots of interesting drinks as well.

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Crab Pomodoro (25++) and Barramundi (24++). Taste great! Good deal with 1-for-1.


$4.90 for two cups with burpple 1-for-1 deal. Choice of one fruit and one super food.

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Quite worth it. Nice food and great service at vivo outlet. Comes with drink, soup, salad and two sticks of yakitori.