Love these dishes and definitely worth it if use burpple deal (2 for $7.50)! However, please take note that takeway packaging is chargeable at $0.50/box.

Polo Bao
The charsiew is SOOO FRAGRANT and the polo is so nice!!

Floss Bao
Also good but my fave is the polo HAHAHAHA

The crust is so good and its just so delicious i think i will use up my 4 deals in 1 week HAHAHA


Medium sized acai was $7.90 and the iced chocolate was $5.90!

The acai had blueberries, bananas at the top, and chia seeds at the bottom. There's a choice of 2 crunches and 1 drizzle for the acai; i got chocolate granola and lotus biscuits for the crunches, and almond butter for the drizzle. Toppings were very generous and the acai was the icy kind, my favourite HAHAHA

The iced chocolate was very thick but it wasn't heavy at all, it was a very nice drink

Service was amazing, the people there were so polite🥰 will keep coming back whenever i crave for acai hehe


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Got the Three-For-Three deal and total came to $18.90. Cheesecakes were delicious and flavourful, and you can tell that the ingredients used were like really legit and it just feels so good eating it. My favourite is the blueberry one, real blueberry bits inside.

4.9/5 !

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Had the donut + beverage 1for1 today!! It was $6.70 total for 2 iced chocolates and 2 strawberry filled

Strawberry donuts had a generous amount of strawberry jam in them and the bread around it was🥰🥰

The iced chocolate was sooooo good it was thirst-quenching and even when all the ice melted it didn't taste diluted at all!!

5/5⭐️ can never go wrong with donuts

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Crab Pomodoro ($24)
Very generous servings of crab, was creamy but not very heavy!! It was soooooo delicious i loved it

Tonkatsu ($22)
Tonkatsu was a little bit hard for me but it was very flavourful🤩 but the star for me would be the bread, it's simple but so good! Salad dressing was very nice, and the fries were perfect, crispy outside and soft inside

Honey Cabana ($5)
honey water, not too sweet, refreshing

Lemon Tea ($5)
A little sour but that's real lemon tea for you HAHAHA

Would definitely recommend people to try it


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I got 2 cold brews (hazelnut & vanilla), the hazelnut donut and the blueberry donut. I loveeeeeee both donuts, so good and full of fillings! The drinks were wonderful as well. Paid $6.70 for this, would come back again. Thank you for accepting deals on exclusion days!

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This was $13.20 ($3 for waffle, $5 for whites, $5.20 for premium icecream)

The shop is called overscoop as they give one mini scoop of icecream of your choice on top.
The waffles were crispy, plating was nice, and the icecream was delicious and flavourful, not too heavy as well!
The coffee was freshly made and it was soooo good
There are only 3 tables available for seating at this outlet, and a little bit squeezy but it had a nice vibe to it!!

Overall it was a nice deal and i would come back again!