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This was a surprisingly good find at the nearby mall. Would have never tried this if not for 2HA.

The usual order of grilled chicken and steak with guacamole!

When I found out Wafuken had free delivery for over $35! Definitely ordered this fave healthy chicken bowl right away!

Survived the hour long journey home and still tasted amazing!

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A very quaint cocktail, really easy to drink.

Loved the army stew and kimchi stew, perhaps one of the better ones I've had in Singapore. The jajiangmeon was also pretty good, even with the travel time. Definitely ordering this again

I liked the marination of the pork cutlet but the batter was soaked in oil. The add-on of beef and onion slices was cold, came in a small bowl and had a 1/3 beef to 2/3 onions ratio...overpriced for what it is.

Ever a fan of this bowl of goodness! Felt like 40% of it was fish!

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