After our meal, the owner informed us that 10% of their earnings go towards helping local children get access to education.

This place has everything! BBQ, nasi goreng, chicken burger, etc. It's not fine dining, but good for a simple (and cheap) bite.

The burrito was pretty good.

Great final meal in Singapore. The chicken rice portion was quite big for one person. The steamed veggies with oyster sauce are a nice side to the chicken rice, too.

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Came here to have the same meal because they don't have the hot stone, but it's still good.

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A reservation here is rarely needed, which is nice, because this is a pretty good restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There's lots of seating indoors and outdoors, the music is nice, not too loud. The food is reasonably priced and tastes good. The lemon chicken is a bit basic, but it's a well-sized portion and not overly oily or dry. Genius Central is simply good.


Freshly squeezed apple, carrot and beet juice. The selection here is wide, including smoothies and milkshakes.

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The Shenton Food Hall is modestly sized. My meal had soft pieces of beef with sprouts and carrots. I think the rice option may be better suited instead of breed, though. Overall decent place to eat.


Best pork crackling burger in Denmark (or even Europe)!

Really nice street food in Copenhagen, right by the sea! Enjoy some decently priced food with a great view.

Paté Pate is one of the oldest restaurants in Copenhagen, and certainly the place for some high-end french, Spanish and Mediterranean food. The picture is just a pepper starter - not spicy, but very delicious. Amongst my favorite grilled foods 😋

Traditional cold beetroot soup with potatoes. Bo house is amongst the top restaurants in the small town of Nida, by the lithuanian coast.

Cod is a fancy japanese restaurant, with great sushi and other dishes. I celebrated my birthday here; they surprised me with a chocolate fondant that wasn't even on the menu! Definitely in the top 3 best chocolate fondants I've ever eaten.

This picture is from April, I recently checked their menu and it seems they have updated their dishes, but I wasn't a fan of the old menu. The bread was a bit tough and overall it wasn't all that great. There are much better brunch spots in Vilnius.