Love the grilled chicken here. Crispy skin, strong flavours and thick juicy chicken. This is the only place where I will gladly finish the chicken skin in a heartbeat!

I've always enjoyed the sliced fish soup at Kasoh at SGH. The branch at Tanjong Pagar was a good alternative near my office but I would definitely go back to the SGH branch if time permits!

I know this place is popular for their makis and sashimi so I wanted to order the Salmon Ikura Don when i arrived for Friday dinner. Alas, it was sold out. At 730 pm. On a friday night. Shows you how good business is! So i settled for their unagi don which was also super good. Very generous portions and a thick slab of well grilled unagi. Perhaps not as good as Man Man or Uya but certainly good enough for my friday dinner!

$13 for one scoop of original salmon poke filling with lettuce, rocket, pickled ginger, chuka wakame and brown rice. Delicious and healthy!

Love the light risotto in prawn stock which was so different from the usual tomato and cream based risotto in Italian restaurants! Will return to try the other dishes

I've eaten Marutama many times but this was my first time ordering Aka Ramen! The soup is made up of chicken stock with 7 kinds of nuts, which gave the soup a light nutty taste. Very interesting broth!

Crispy skin, delicious juicy duck meat, and impeccable service. Love our time at Super Peking Duck. We chose to fry the remaining duck meat and wrap it in lettuce. The crunchy fresh lettuce leaf went super well with the fragrant duck meat.

Good BCM with springy noodles, fresh minced pork and liver, and delicious sauce. They have both the soup and dry versions, but I am a fan of dry BCM!

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Do try the hokkien mee and truffle duck when you visit ! 😍

Good crispy cutlet, runny egg yolk in the sunny side up, soft chewy squid, delicious curry. Queue can be a bit long during lunch hours.

Delicious fluffy waffles with chocolate ice cream, berries and sinful chocolate sauce. Sipping my cup of coffee, sharing the waffle with the bf in this laid back cafe was perfect!

Rainbow Cake was interesting although the cream was a little too thick. The caramel cheesecake was a winner! Light and delicious. Coffee was good too! Dean and deluca is a nice cafe to rest your tired feet after shopping in town.