Hands down one of the best buttermilk waffle in town; It’s fluffy, crispy and moist all the same time.

We also added a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Nothing too special about the ice cream but it accented the textures of the waffle really well, no ragrats.

Oh, and I have to emphasise on their maple syrup. The level of fragrance is on another level. If you love maple syrup, this would definitely be an indulgence.

Plain waffle @ $10.50
Ice cream @ $5 (i think)

A one up from your everyday pao fan. The broth is packed with the flavours of the ocean, and the wok hei from the rice is there.

Apart from the lobster and prawn as shown in the photo, there’s also scallops mixed into the rice.

Limited to 6 servings per day, the set comes with a grilled pork (which I didn’t managed to capture).

Priced @$39.60

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(from kids menu but psst.. they told me we could do adult portion)

The linguine is definitely not your off the box pasta. The taste of the egg linguine makes the whole dish so so savoury.

Love the taste of the fried chicken.

Would recommend some tea to go along as it can get quite filling after a while. Great portion, would recommend sharing with friends to switch up the taste here and there.

$4.00 // Definitely a snatch for coffee shop food! Gotta try their fish belly too!

$58 for one duck // Really yummy and worth it. Skin is really crispy and goes really well with its sauce. Good portion too!! *can request the kitchen to use the remaining meat for a main - fried rice, fried noodles etc.

$18 + $2.50 (half an avocado) // the croissants were sliced and toasted, thus made easy to eat. If you love really soft scramble egg, you would definitely like this!

Tonkotsu Kake Ramen - $4.80 / comes with 2 pieces of pork belly and unlimited toppings! A cheaper alternative and definitely yummy!

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$14.90 / serving. The pineapple ring boost the savoury level of this burger, a perfect combination. The fries, however, was a little too dry.