Dined at Tomidou recently and was pleasantly surprised by the exquisite tuna and sea urchin sushi. It practically melted in my mouth, and the rice was perfectly seasoned. I inquired with the chef and learned that all ingredients are air freighted from Japan, ensuring exceptional freshness. The restaurant's decor, some of which is the chef's own collection from Japan, adds to the authenticity. The highlight, though, was a delightful combination of various tuna cuts and sea urchin wrapped in seaweed offering a delightful medley of textures and flavors, enhanced by soy sauce and wasabi. The chef is generous with the portion. My meal continued with a delectable miso soup featuring sweet and fresh clams. For dessert I indulged in handmade hojicha ice cream made by one of the chefs which was both pure and fragrant providing a refreshing end to the meal. The restaurant boost delightful ambience making it perfect choice for celebratory occasions. Private rooms are also available for those seeking a more intimate dining experience. Keep in mind that they exclusively accept dinner reservation.

I recently tried the red grouper crayfish soup with prawns and the ginger braised duck, and they were delicious! The soup had amazing flavours with fresh and sizeable prawn and the portion was generous. Personal preference is to pair it with beehoon and some spicy chilli paddy. The ginger braised duck was flavourful and the sauce was so good that I can easily finish 1 bowl of rice with it.

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I recently tried the Guinness Baby Back Ribs at The Drunken Poet and was pleasantly surprised by how good they were. The meat was tender and flavorful, and they looked amazing on the plate. The fries were also crispy and flavorful, which made for a great complement to the dish.

While the seasoning was slightly stronger than I prefer, but it didn't ruin the overall taste. The atmosphere at the restaurant was really chill and comfy, and it's in a convenient location too.

Overall, I recommend checking out The Drunken Poet if you're in the mood for a low-key spot with great food!