Stroll down for this hidden gem... ordered The Cook’s Signature Soba ($8.90) you can also opt for large if you’re big eater. But this is good enough for me. His bowl of good home made cold soba has a tint of garlic & savory sauce. I’m a huge fans of mushroom and this bowl definitely satisfy my palate as it has a strong hint of mushroom and really generous on it too! The crispy wanton skins gives it a great texture too!!! Definitely gonna go back for more!
I also had a piece if the well known Gula Melaka Cheesecake ($7.00). This is definitely a great local flavored cheesecake. I love the base of the cake which is made from grated coconut and the gula melaka that soaked them and drizzled atop definitely made it felt like you’re having a great bowl of gula melaka! Finishes my meal with a cup of black coffee ($4.00) to wash down all the overwhelmed orgasm my tongue had with the soba & cake. It’s freshly brewed and really good! #foodporn #foodgasm #burpple #sgfoodporn #sgcafefood #sgcafe

weekend is all about eating am i right? It’s those days where i wanted to eat all i could. These were good... so i ordered “Hokada” ($16.80)which consists of 8pcs sushi included bluefin tuna, salmon, squid, octopus, boiled scallops, eel, sweet shrimp and salmon roe. I loved each and every piece of them. Am not a very good fan of tuna but this is ok for me. I also have Ika Sugata a.k.a grilled squid 🦑 ($9.80) which satisfy my grilled squid craving! They have this very nice charred taste which i love. #sushitei #sushi #japanesefood #burpple #happyxin #gratefulxin #love

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fried 饭粿 ($1.60 each) & 笋粿 ($0.90 each) is a good food! I ordered two of 饭粿 & one of 笋粿 . This is so good!!!! Happy me! #burpple #soonkueh #pngkueh #breakfast

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It’s something cool to try on!
We also ordered their Ice Cream Soiree (S$18)where we get to choose 3 flavors. We chose over their Signature 80%, Tanzania 75% and Costa Rica 70%. Each of them are unique on their own flavor!
It’s really good and not too sweet if you’re not a fans of sweet choc like us!
#burpple #darkgallery #chocolate #icecreamlover #sweettooth

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Tried on this well known churros. We ordered custard & choc filling. $4.50 each and it's really good worth a try! @churro101sg ! It's really so good as the tagline... Better than a boyfriend! #happyxin #gratefulxin #欣祥2015 #sweet #burpple

$39++ for two exclude drinks. This includes fried kangkung, sweet n sour fish, chicken wings, seafood tomyum, red ruby dessert and rice. I personally loves the tomyum they served but not the ruby. #burpple #欣祥2015 #gratefulxin #happyxin

It's a bit far from our place and not that convenient but it's worth the travel. Really yummy! It's special with having it with only spoon! #happyxin #gratefulxin #burpple #katonglaksa328

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It's not typically awesome or special but still ok.. ^^ #gratefulxin #happyxin #foodxin #burpple

This is simply mouth watering!

I guess i love weird combinations... My taste buds just loved it so much! Had bacon brownie with bacon ice cream. $9 can brings you to wonderland... They are friendly people managing the shop. Despite being well known by the bacons, this set is good. Not overly bacon but just subtle. Expect some bacon chunks in the midst of your tongue savoring the brownie and ice cream. It's really a bacon'ing good time!


It's rather a good weather Saturday to start with a good bowl of Bak Kut Teh ... My boy and I decides to drop by to this well known place... Located within walking distance from Farrer Park mrt station. Ordered personal portion (1 person) spare pork rib combo. It's served with generous amount of ribs&meat with free flow of soup! Their soup is rich in flavor and trust me, you can really finish it by yourself! We had two bowls of soup. If you love Teochew style Bak Kut Teh, you should really head over for one! They have other branches too! $7.50 (exclude rice) worth a try


Loved pig organs ? Loved pig organs soup? Come head over here! It's not those strong pig smells soup and really nice

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