classic b.e.c. charcoal bagel $11
something fishy charcoal bagel $12

went during lunch time and crowd was ok

also whats the proper way to eat a bagel??? we dk so we ended up in a mess (unless this is the correct way) esp the classic bec haha. egg was dripping everywhere lol when we were trying to remove the wrapper. so many eggs massacred just to get massacred by the eggs

generous serving of salmon in something fishy! yums

i think the only other downside is the bagel wasnt rly cut evenly 😩 otherwise it’s p good and one of the cheaper options out there (??)! haha

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$5.90 141
red bean tangerine peel, 0% sugar $5.90
purple rice yogurt, 0% sugar $5.60

red bean tangerine peel was surprisingly good, and it’s sweet enough without additional sugar thanks to the red bean! the tangerine taste is not immediate but kicks in a bit later but ya the tangerine and red bean taste goes q well tgt so q shiok

purple rice yogurt not as nice. the rice not very chewy (as compared to yomies) and felt undercooked (??)
the yogurt is q watery (less thick than yomies) and without solids like red bean it makes the drink less enjoyable too. thats why they say u can compare which brand u like better by drinking the same signature drinks


$8.35 141 (aft gst)

latte $5 (+ oat milk $1)
flat white $5 (+ oat milk $1)
houjicha blondie $1.80
speculoos blondie $1.80

went there a few weeks ago on a weekday and there werent many ppl. v chill vibes and the guy was rly chill and patient!! vv gud svc. coffee was v smooth and oat milk always makes coffee better hehehe
sadly no more matcha blondie when we visited but houjicha blondie was rly oishii! preferred it to the speculoos one

also they have some weekday(?) promo sando + drink @ $9+ (cant rly rmb but i rmb it seems q worth)

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strawberry yogurt $7.80
watermelon yo-tea $6.80

very refreshing drinks!! liked the watermelon yo-tea, the tea is super fragrant and paired well w/ the watermelon and yogurt. downside is that the % of yogurt in this drink is very little
not a fan of strawberry drinks but my friend who likes them liked it so yeap

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iced white $6 x lava cake $12
hot black $5 x sticky date cake $12

coffee were goooood enjoyed the iced white!!!
preferred the lava cake over sticky date cake because it was less sweet haha. sticky date cake was sweet mainly bc of the caramel sauce (?) surrounding it.

place might be easily overlooked because it’s in an alley


$9.80 141
ratchada pork belly bowl $9.80
garlic pork bowl $9.80

nice! garlic smell very strong. the chilli was delish too πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


141 $17.90 for 2 sets (large stew + base + drink + icecream)

got the budae jjigae & kimchi jjigae, both with glass noodles. spam spammed in the budae jjigae, and plenty of kimchi in the kimchi jjigae~ liked the kimchi!! both of us thought each other’s stew was more flavourful lol jokes 🀣 it’s large size but i thought it was just nice haha. ice cream was a choice btwn melona’s melon and strawberry flavour

svc is very gud!!!! allowed me to order before friend arrived and even thought of preparing the meal a tad later since i was waiting for mi friendo πŸ₯² really appreciate the svc


$48.82 (aft 20% off)
pesto salad $14.90++
mexicana $16.90++
keto $18.90++ (not in pic)

very yums but at a price 🀣 generous servings of the proteins (roast chicken/ prawn/ smoked salmon) and all super fresh. vege too

they kinda forgot some ingredients for the keto but they were fast to remake the order for us

they have a 2nd floor and it’s p cozy!!

$4.80 141
grapefruit strawberry sorbet & chrysanthemum honey

is a meh. sorbet wasnt icy enough, and grapefruit strawberry tasted like hichew candy. chrysanthemum honey is very creamy

$5 141 (for 2 lattes)

only can choose hot drinks. double shot in the latte was just nice

svc very nice & friendly!! allowed us to dine in since there werent many ppl

$19 141
breakkie burg $19
avocado toast w/ eggs $18

patty was seasoned well for the breakkie burg, garlic taste q strong!
very generous with avocado for the avocado toast, but felt like could have seasoned better. tomatoes was the only thing that wasnt that bland 🀣