Ribs were fork tender and glazed with a sweet, savoury sauce. Definitely one of the dishes to try here.

Intensely flavourful broth with a strong garlicky punch that went perfectly with a squeeze of lemon. For its price point, this dish was executed rather well, unlike many other places.

We started off our meal with this bread basket, along with 3 dips of avocado hummus, beetroot tzatziki and baba ganoush. The hummus was creamy, rich and smooth, courtesy of the avocado. The beetroot tzatziki is a lot sweeter than typical tzatziki, without the tang from cucumber, however it was still pleasant. However, I was not a fan of the baba ganoush, which came across as overly salty, yet without the characteristic flavour of the eggplants.

Toast filled with dashi bechamel and a slice of jamon iberico ham. The toast was crunchy, and the bechamel complemented the jamon well, and the dish was almost reminiscent of a grilled cheese sandwich.

What really stood out from other restaurants was the ambience. We were seated in a private room reminiscent of a cove, and the servers were friendly and attentive.

The barbequed skate was tender and flavourful, and the lime lifts it up to the next level. The texture is very similar to that of barbequed stingray. Would recommend this dish!