tried their memory trove gift set which comes with their nyonya and hokkien rice dumplings and kueh salat cake. it came in a beautiful box so it’ll def make a good gift for your loved ones. really enjoyed eating the hokkien rice dumplings as the rice was really flavourful and it had a generous portion of ingredients.

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ordered the salmon baked rice and lu rou fan from their lunch menu, burpple deal also came with either coffee or tea! meal was good considering the price and location, paid a total of $21.38 for 2 meals.

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located a few minutes away from chinatown mrt, this place has the fudgeist brownies with a perfect crunchy crust!! the shop also has quite a few drink options so definitely worth the burpple deal! staff was also really friendly, will come back again.

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Ordered mentaiko and ragu pasta, both full portion . Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot also haha but
Both were tasty
Truffle fries was meh
Cold Brew tea was carbonated :( Would appreciate if it was stated in the menu HAHA… cos i don’t like carbonated drinks and there’s were anyother non carbonated drinks in the menu except water or wine…

located a few steps away from chinatown mrt, the skewers served here were flavourful with a generous topping of seasoning! meat was tender and grilled well. would recommend trying the pork belly, grilled chicken and spicy beef skewers:)

used the burpple deal to get these two bowls, do note that both bowls will have to be the same. açai was smooth and the fruits were sweet and fresh. for the size and portion of ingredients i think this burpple deal is def worth trying:)

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bonbon: 9/10 creamy chocolate ice cream with cookie/choco chip bits! only hoped that chocolate flavours were a bit stronger

dark choco: 10/10 nice and bitter dark chocolate with a smooth creamy texture

kopi bergamot orange: 9/10 really unique flavour! good if you like orange chocolate

salted gula: 7/10 not bad

overall nice aesthetic cafe for ice cream, normal price might be a bit pricy so def use your burrple deals here! located in a hdb so there’s convenient parking lots at the nearby multi story carpark

very spacious cafe! a lot of interesting premium flavours, hope to try next time. but sorbets were good, mango sorbet tasted like any other you might find at another cafe.

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speculous biscuit toppings were nice but pearls not very chewy if you’re a fan of chewy pearls. for the hershey chocolate drink, the milk tea taste is quite strong unlike other chocolate milk tea drinks from other bbt shops where the chocolate overpowers the milk tea flavour. good to get with burpple deals!

redeemed the 1-1 main dish deal (note that burpple deal is only applicable for pastas and chickens). the portion of the chicken provided was good and the meat was nice and juicy! could not really taste any spiciness in the chicken but the dish was served with what tasted like thai chili. overall good meal but would only come back again for burpple deals as the other dishes were quite pricy.

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visited the cafe after dinner at 7pm and it was already super packed, hence decided to come back again during a weekday afternoon. definitely worth a visit to admire the cute little mahjong motifs around the shop!:)

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used the burpple deal to get 1-1 croffle and added 2 extra scoops of ice cream (total: $17.40)

croffle: not too flaky, quite soft and buttery pastry that pairs well with the ice cream! only wish that it was more baked/crispier.

ice creams: a bit on the pricier side but flavours were very rich and creamy! we had the speculous biscoff ($5.20) and roasted pistachio ($6.20) with hazelnut rocher and raspberry passion fruit sorbet as the miniscoops. will come back for the speculous and raspberry sorbet.