This is the best prawn noodle soup I've ever had! The broth was extremely rich and gao. I could immediately tell how long they must've boiled the prawn shells and pork bones. Ordered the Supreme Prawn Noodles which gave a big portion of soup with different fresh and tender ingredients (shabu sliced pork, tobiko prawn balls, pork ribs, and lala) that left me filling full.
Noodles were flavourful and not lacking as well. I appreciated that there were plenty of beansprouts, fried shallots, and kang kong inside the noodles and we were given choices for different types of noodles! I don't normally finish my noodles, but I definitely devoured this one HAHA. I would recommend getting the dry one with chilli as you'll still get a hot serving of claypot soup + ingredients - truly the best of both worlds😀
The plate of ngoh hiang that we ordered was decent as well with very interesting options rarely seen elsewhere (e.g., liver roll, prawn beansprout cake). But the highlight for me is definitely the prawn noodles!! Thanks for the good experience and would definitely come back again:)

Great variety and quality of food! Ordered the fresh whole squid, Mala pork belly slices, sichuan string beans, and XO prawns and egg fried rice. Especially loved the fresh squid, which had a chewy (not hard!) texture and slight charred taste. Topped with breadcrumbs, this is a must-try dish full of umami

. Can really tell that ingredients used are all fresh and of good quality. The mala pork belly slices were REALLY appetizing as well (love the spicy kick). It didn’t feel too oily and i couldn’t stop drinking the broth! Definitely come if you’re looking for good elevated sichuan dishes.

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Ordered the set lunch that came with mushroom soup, a salad, a main (we ordered their handcrafted gnocchi with tomato sauce and smoke ricotta) and a choice of vanilla/chocolate icecream. Portion sizes were decent and left feeling full and satisfied! Really worth given the large selection of handmade and high quality pastas. I especially loved their gnocchi which didn’t have too much of a doughy/floury texture as many other eateries do + the taste of potatoes was retained. They made the right choice of pairing it with the tomato sauce so that it wouldn’t be too heavy. Worth mentioning is their caprese appetizer - the cheese and tomato slices were really really fresh! Perfect combination when eaten with olive oil and vinegar.

Service here was great as well. All the staff were really friendly and introduced the dishes to us with great detail. Thanks for the good experience!😊

The rosti mentai, minced pork cutlet and wagyu skewer were the highlights of the meal! My first time having izakaya and the dishes met my expectations👍 The wagyu was tender and flavourful with a slight char taste. The other skewers like the black pork collar, pork belly shio, and shiitake could be improved by making it less dry/tough and by serving them hot as well.

Especially loved the rosti mentai - the right amount smokiness and creaminess without being jelak at all. My friend and I were eyeing each other to have the honour of getting the last bite HAHA.

**The staff was extremely friendly and joked with us along the way which really lit up my day😊 Thanks for the great service!

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Had the matcha latte, aburiya grain bowl and truffle fries! The iced matcha latte was really smooth and was a good mix of matcha and milkiness<3 I noticed that all their drinks were personally brewed (even the roasting of coffee beans which smelled so good😭😭) and would definitely come back to try their coffee next time!

Their aburiya bowl had lots of ingredients (A4 wagyu, onsen egg, shimeiji mushrooms and pickled cucumbers) which complemented each other so well. Loved how tender the meat was! The truffle fries were so fragrant and topped with a good amount of cheese and truffle. Good food, nice ambience. would come back again!

Came here with a group of friends and we all thoroughly had a pleasant experience with the food to the ambiance and service(:

We started off with unique dishes such as the roasted bone marrow, ox tongue, crispy pig's ear, and uni/caviar toast. I do not normally eat organs and am quite picky with meat but their dishes really changed my mind! They were not as gamey as I thought they would be and I especially enjoyed the pig's ears which were as addictive as eating chips!

Moving on to the main dishes, we had the wagyu MS 8/9 rib cap and the wagyu MS 6/7 zabuton. Had never heard of these cuts prior to coming here, but no regrets as they were incredibly tender. The accompanying bordelaise sauce just elevated the whole dish as well so do make sure to try it with the sauce!:)
Worth mentioning are the other mains such as the mac and cheese, truffle fries, and grilled mushrooms which may sound common but were my favorites of the entire meal! The crispy mac and cheese was not at all greasy or too rich, which made it all the more palatable to eat to the last bite. It is a must-try!! The truffle oil in the truffle fries was fragrant and the mushroom had a refreshing zesty taste which I very much enjoyed!

For the desserts, we had the burnt blue cheese cake and eton mess. The blue cheese in the cake is quite strong, but well balanced when eaten together with the eton mess!

Overall, a good experience and would come back again!

Really love the steak here and the red wine sauce genuinely surprised me because it paired so well with the meat!(: ordered the 250g new york strip which is $19 inclusive of 2 sides and i was sosooso full. We also ordered the popcorn chicken which was REALLY good and spicy. I would actually come back just to eat the popcorn chicken as a snack(: my sister also ordered the angus cheeseburger, and the patty itself was really thick and juicy but towards the end the burger as whole was abit dry and the buns are abit too thick for our liking. Generally,was good and its near the mrt as well!

Overall the food was really good! We ordered this plate of pork cheek, te kah bee hoon, chilli prawns and mantou and chendol panna cotta amounting to $76++. Definitely recommend the pork cheek as it’s extremely tender, and the te kah bee hoon which is filled with the wok hei flavour. It is abit on the pricier side but quite worth considering the quality of the food and service. However, the chendol panna cotta didn’t really stand out to me. Would come back though for the mains!