Limited variety and quality of food was subpar. Way below expectations given the rave reviews. Will not return again, not value for money at all.

The fried porridge and mee sua here are definitely worth travelling to the North for. Fried porridge was full of wok hei. Mee sua looks ordinary but it was anything but ordinary. Extremely flavourful and makes you want to go for seconds. I am not a fan of organs but overheard in the queue that the fried intestines are good too. The queue moves quite quickly but in any case, it was worth the wait.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself here. Steak was amazing, go for the ribeye for greater satisfaction! The red wine elevated the taste of the food. Chocolate lava cake was one of the best I have ever had but steak is the star. Look out for promotions as they are usually very value for money! Service is awesome 😎

Not the cheapest around but we were lucky to enjoy the 1 for 1 promo. Still, I had gladly pay even without the promo. Had the key lime cheesecake which was refreshing and the banana milk gelato! Will return again to try to roasted hazelnut and roasted pistachio that the shop assistant recommended. Oh, the cone was lovely too.

Food is good as always. Went for the $36.80 set and ordered their dim sum to share. My favourites had to be the steamed Cheong fun with the crispy bits & salted egg, char siew sou and their XO stir fried carrot cake. The angel hair pasta with ebiko and Sakura shrimp which came with the set was good. I could taste truffle in it.

Not sure what to make of their dessert. It was a steamed Liu sha bao with Liu sha oozing out and coconut ice cream with Pulut hitam served on a plate. While the pairing was kind of odd, the dessert tasted good when eaten separately haha. No complaints. Definitely a place worth returning!

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The place was a total letdown. Perhaps I should have known better when it’s linked to sushi express...honestly I wouldn’t even go if I’m on a budget. The sashimi was not fresh. The scallop was edible but I can’t even bring myself to finish the salmon slices. Ordered the jumbo caramelised salmon and the Mentaiko scallop sushi as well...both were a disappointment. Reckon I only had salmon and scallop but I can’t bring myself to try other things anymore.

Best in Singapore? At least, in my opinion. Never a fan of such hawker food until I tried Lao Zhong Zhong. Quality ingredients are used. Everything is good especially the Ngoh Hiang that was packed with yam. I like the fried dish with egg too. Not sure what it’s called. Go for the chestnut cake as well, the dip is the perfect complement for the fried stuff! 😍

Visited the place because of raving reviews. Not sure if it’s because of my high expectations, I was met with disappointment. We ordered the wagyu cheese burger, the vegetable tartine (can’t remember the exact name but it’s not the roasted pears one), the cold brew soft serve, earl grey tea cake and an almond crossaint.

The only saving grace was the soft serve but honestly, I have had better and it’s not worth it because you have to add two bucks to have it serve in a cone. Nothing blew my mind here except my wallet. The wagyu beef burger came with curly fries and it reminded me of macs. Shake shack does better beef burgers so get my point yeah?

The tartine was...too healthy for my liking. Well, while the ciabatta was good but too much bread overload for me. I probably picked the wrong dish. Crossaint was huge and dense. Prefer Tiong Bahru bakery’s rendition. Tea cake was light and fluffy, suitable for people who enjoy a good chiffon cake but not for me. It’s a been there, done that kind of place for me. No offence to anyone but place is crowded and well loved by many as seen from the crowd yesterday when we visited at about 5ish.