It's not as good as I remembered, but decent soup during cold, rainy days.

Do prefer the goulash / chicken and mushroom soup than this.

Was a hearty pork noodle on a rainy day, the shop was quite generous with the meat. The broth was flavourful, with no pork smell which can get quite overwhelming in a soup.

The lunch set comes with a milk tea, which wasn't too sweet and aromatic.

I do prefer their pad kra pow than this, but a nice change!

The meatball was soooo good and the ragu tagliatelle was great, much better than expected!

Had a steal with a chope set: tahu isi, pork satays, fried rice and rib eye and beer/ mocktail. Food was great, sambal was the bomb and service was great!

It was one of the best shao rou that I have ever had in SG! Had expectation because of the rave reviews I had from people but it was as good as I have imagined it to be! The char siew was on the sweet side, the caramelisation was amazinggg

The burger was better than expected, tasted better than the other beef burger they have on menu. Buns could be softer and buttery but the curly fries more than make up for it!

This is my favourite burger from Hans Im Gluck, who doesn't love a sunny side up! Sweet potato fries were on point as usual, and served in a huge pile. The branch is beautiful, facing the waters and sentosa island.

The molten cookie takes 10 mins to prepare but it's worth it! The ice cream looked interesting but felt underwhelming, was overpowered by the cookie. Would be good on its own!

Was disappointed when I saw the portion, considering how much the dish was. But the hamachi was so firm yet soft, fresh and delicious! Highly recommended.

Legit tastes like fried karaage??? But softer, and more delicious 👌 highly recommended!

The otoro legit looked like wagyu with the marbling (as seen), the sliced sashimi was firm and soft at the same time - tasted super fresh.

It was melt in your mouth kind of situation, with a nice contrasting texture from the avocado