| Ricotta ice cream, pistachio marzipan, almonds, maraschino, mandarin orange pudding, bitter orange caramel |

Really interesting dessert as it’s my first time tasting this flavours together in a dish. The ricotta ice cream gets a little heavy towards the end but luckily there were other flavours to lighten it up a little!

What’s there to say.. the name speaks for itself. SHIOKKKKKK

Food and ambience were good but the tables were pretty small and there wasn’t enough space for our dishes.

Both cakes taste as good as it looks! Their price point might be slightly on the higher side but I think that’s understandable given that a lot of effort has been put into each piece of cake and the cafe ambience is really nice!

Honestly a tad disappointed as I had quite high expectations after reading their reviews online. Steak wasn’t as quite chewy and not as tender as I had expected. But for that price point, I wouldn’t complain much.

With Foie Gras, potatoes and onion and shallot sauce.

Mmmm such a nice thick slab of steak that was tender and juicy. Went for their set lunch and it was really worth it!

Soufflé pancake was really fluffy and light, tanginess from the passionfruit sauce helps to balance out the sweetness and the mango was really sweet! Overall a really good plate of dessert!

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Finally understood the hype about this unagi don. Well marinated, charred to perfection and tender unagi. Can’t wait to head back again!

This was a really good plate of soufflĂ© pancake! It wasn’t mind blowing but it was good enough that I would return to satisfy my cravings.

I’m a huge fan of okonomiyaki and octopus so this was a personal favourite for me!

First time having this and it was really interesting. After mixing it altogether, the whipped egg white gave the rice a really fluffy texture. If you’re adventurous I would recommend to try this dish once!

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The omelette was on the sweeter side and I’d personally prefer it to be more savoury. The toppings were really just toppings, didn’t add much flavour etc to the omelette. Maybe getting the plain omelette would be enough to satisfy your craving đŸ€”