The prices here are half the price of the cafes in the area and worth visiting in my opinion! Got waffles w ham and an egg, pretty standard and nothing to shout about. But very decent cafe fare. 👌

always love myself a good, creamy gelato after dinner nearby. Got the banana split & dark chocolate flavours as shown here :)) the texture is great!

Always love the rice bowls here! Loaded with meat/vegetables and always very tasty! This is one of the newer offerings and was very delicious too! Hope they will keep innovating to offer more interesting flavours ☺️

Super pricey omg 😱 min order was for 2 pax and this was the price for 2 pax. Yes the beef short rib was cooked to a super soft texture but also yes that this dish is SUPER salty. I don’t know how anyone can just eat this dish on its own. We added a bowl of rice to accompany this dish!

Deep fried pollack fries with Korean shishito peppers and coated with sweet chilli oil. Strong on flavours and great as a bar snack/taken w alcohol. But I did find it a tad bit too chewy.

Expensive and we couldn’t taste the cheese at all even though we added $3 for it. It was also mentioned that there’s prawns but there was barely any…

Well-fried and very crunchy and great seasoning, served with garlic shoots. Enjoyable but didn’t really see or taste the Korean in this 😅

A supposedly refreshing one but the red snapper here was dotted with yuja-marinated seaweed and barley makjang and ended up being on the salty side of things :(

Best of both world - chicken chunks, potato pieces and egg in it! I can see why people like this curry puff so much but it wasn’t spicy at all though! The skin was thin and flaky and ingredients were generous too!

Quite a generous amount of ramyeon, and marinated minced pork which was on the sweet side, seaweed, onion, zucchini, enoki mushrooms and kimchi dumplings to satisfy your Korean noodles cravings! Quite enjoyed the dumplings because it was crunchy and full of ingredients! The meat was a tad sweet for me though.

These were surprising when I wasn’t even craving donuts at all when I collected them from my estate’s group buy! But omg I ate half of everything after finishing dinner and they were all soooo tasty - none of that oily/greasy taste and generous cream filling!! Passionfruit, houjicha, apple pie and dark chocolate donuts are featured here - all superb in terms of flavour!! Well balanced and fluffy texture of the donuts! Would recommend!


I always knew this place as being famous for selling muffins but who knew that their beancurd tarts are actually pretty tasty as well?! I’m not sure of the price as this was bought by someone else! But I think it should be around $1-$2! Loved the smooth egg custard filling and it has the right sweetness!!!