Price was ok with Burpple 1:1
The place is really quiet so i never dared to go in and look at the menu, but the burger was surprisingly really good. Soft fluffy buns, thick juicy patty, thick & creamy mushroom sauce with portobello mushrooms, and the fish burger was kinda like fillet o fish but crispier and bigger and nicer.
Would defo come back again with burpple.
Would also come back again if the prices were a little less steep (e.g. closer to carls jr pricing at 12.50 ish for a meal)

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We used the 5 kinds of sushi/yakitori promo, and they allowed us to mix (one set sushi, one set yakitori). Sushi was fresh, and yakitori was good! 7/10

We also ordered the garlic fried rice. Whats unique is its crispier than most garlic fried rice as there were lots of shallots and fried crispy garlic. Same may prefer it, some may not, but id say 8/10

I also reccomended the salmon mentai maki $19.90 (9/10). Slightly torched, with cripsy ebi inside, and generous portion with a burst of crispy and juicy goodness with every bite. One of my fav sushi and ill be back for this!

Ordered Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict since everyone raves about it. The bread was a fluffy soft thick toast, and the healthy portion of pulled pork was given, with a saucer of what i think was peri peri on the side. Great dish, definitely recommend 8/10

We also ordered mushroom truffle alfredo. It was creamy, but not too thick and dense. Really liked it 7.5/10

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Good food, and id say the unagi is grilled better than most places (evidently crispier). Also, the wasabi is REAL wasabi, not the fake ones we get from cold storage/NTUC or most other commercialised jap restaurants.

But the price is super steep ($35 for this medium size) and although this set meal on the menu was described to have different dippings/sides to enjoy the Unagi with, to me i feel like its just the usual garnishes that would already come on the dish at other places, which has been separated onto another side dish plate (e.g. spring onions, seaweed, pickles, wasabi, soup).

Taste wise 8/10
Price wise 4/10

You don’t actually have to use the Burpple voucher, as the 1-for-1 offer is there even for non Burpple users. The beef gyudon, or pork buta don set with the pudding dessert was 16.90sgd for 2 sets. I came wanting to get unagi don, but its +$2 more for smoked duck don set, or +$5 for the 1-for-1 unagi don set, so i stuck with the beef don instead.
Pretty generous portion of wakame, but the beef was quite sparse althought it looks spread well across the bowl (2-3 scoops and i was done, and I’m not a huge eater).

Id say not too bad because it came with the pudding, and definitely something to consider, but don’t expect to be super full unless you are a small-regular eater. Just satiated/just nice.
Try it!

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