Omfg. Best hotcake I’ve ever eaten. Served warm and fluffy. Drizzled with maple and paired with strawberries. Seeds add a nice crunch. The perfect balance. What more can I say?

It’s good but nothing too mindblowing. An honest chicken rice meal.

This is the matcha espresso fusion. Looks good, taste good.

The cream cheese burger was so shiok!!! And of course can’t miss out on root beer float. Curly fries was yummy too. Can skip the waffle to be honest. Quite average.

Good quality ice cream. Creamy and sweetness is just right. Highly recommend the pistachio flavour.

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Omg this melon ice cream is good!!! Very fragrant and refreshing. Love the waffle cone too

Decent ddeokbokki. The hotteok is delicious! Chewy on the outside, gooey honey filling on the inside. Great texture. Goes well with the ice cream.

Cupcakes aside, their red velvet cookie is really good! If you’re a fan of red velvet and soft cookie, this is right down your alley. They’re inexpensive too, going at 2 for $5.

Just wondering why we didn’t get the ice cream in their glass. A very awkward swirl. This was lychee coconut. Light and refreshing, not too sweet. Pretty good!

Very appropriate tea time desserts - figs cake and vanilla cheese roll. Not too sweet. Less sinful cause they’re sugar free.

$11. Light and refreshing.

$12 regular bowl. Very generous portion. Fresh produce used which makes it delicious!