Such a discovery! really enjoyed their nasi sets as well as the satay. Super big portions for less than S$10 makes for a great, filling lunch.

One of my absolute favorite dishes at Esquina, the Pork Jowl is a show-stopper, redefining the meaning of “melt-in-your-mouth”.

After biting through the flawlessly caramelized exterior, the pork melts away on the palate in a luxurious, rich mouth-feel. The generous chipotle mayo sauce adds to the dish’s richness with a welcome kick of spiciness and umami.

The fatty taste of pork and mayo is cleansed off by alternating each piece of meat to a small bite of tangy pickled pear.

This curry is absolutely amazing, big portion for just 4$, particularly the texture of the gravy is super velvety and the flavor is deep without being too spicy.

Delicious soufflé pancakes. I thought they’d just be pretty to look at and photograph but I loved the taste too!

Absolutely delicious focaccia bread + mortadella and cheese sandwich. Love the salted, crunchy and dense focaccia bread!

YES THAT’S A CHICKEN FOOT! Yesterday I may have eaten fried chicken for lunch AND dinner.

The salted egg friend chicken (S$ 30) at The Guild is something I’ll be raving about for quite some time. It’s a dish that embodies the concept of comfort food for it’s fried, it’s salty, it’s crispy, it’s tender and it’s a damn big portion too!

It comes with no side, and you can pair it with a fresh greens salad or other lighter items of the vegetables menu.

The Guild is a cozy gastro pub on the buzzing Kaong Saik Road. It’s the brainchild of beloved independent craft brewers Young Masters, hailing from Hong Kong.

Chef Vincent Lauria focuses on homemade comfort food, made with locally sourced high quality ingredients.

The Mac & Cheese ($S 21) is TO DIE for. Creamy, gooey, dreamy. Topped with scallion and a bright orange yolk, it’s the ultimate #foodporn

This set meal is pretty huge and may not be ideal for work lunch break if you want to avoid napping and snoring at your desk while trying to get over the #foodcoma.

The pork cutlet is lightly breaded and fried to perfect crispiness without being oily. The meat is cooked through but stays juicy and tender.

Comes with three fat slabs of salmon sashimi, chawanmushi, miso soup and a side of sesame dressed shredded cabbage.

For S$ 25, it’s quite a deal!

Big portion sets at this join in Aperia Mall. The chirashi bowl comes filled with many different types of cubed sashimi, salad and miso soup for S$22.

Makes for a good lunch if you’re in the area!

Today I made my way downtown and had lunch at Saybon. Perfect spot for a light, healthy and quick lunch break if you work in the area. By quick I mean I was literally in and out in 15 min lol.

The eggs of the Nordic Set (S$10) were scrambled to perfect fluffiness, loved them on top of the garlicky butter bread and accompanied with the lightly cured smoked salmon.

Was craving for something fresh and healthy yesterday and found Aloha Poke at Westgate mall.

This place serves up customizable poke bowls and pokerritos (a poke wrap that has nothing to do with a burrito). Prices around the S$16-18 mark.

You can choose between several different types of marinated and seasoned fish, from traditional flavors to more experimental ones. My favorite was the mentaiko salmon.

Both poke bowls and pokerritos come with liberal amounts of pineapple.

Aloha Poke has several outlets around the city, lookin forward to my next visit!

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Not the best hawker food (tourist trap) but definitely a good place to visit from time to time with people from out of town and on weekends, right before hitting the central area bar streets.