My boyfriend and I actually had a really good experience here! Some items were a miss but some were really good. The makis were really good. The Temptation Maki is our favourite. The fried baby octopus is really good too!

Here’s some items that we thought we thought weren’t worthy of a space in our stomachs : beef slices (too overcooked), garlic pork skewers.

The Beyond 1-for-1 deal’s really worth it!! Total bill was around $25 for 2 dishes. Sign up for their membership and get a bowl of pork crackling for free!

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Used the burpple beyond deal which wrote Appetiser/salad AND Noodles/Rice AND drinks. Which i assume for 2 people, I'll get 4 dishes in total and 2 drinks. But instead waitress told us we could only get 2 dishes. So we got the pineapple fried rice as well as the glass noodles with prawn dish. Kindda felt cheated? As there's another deal stating that its 1 for 1 main dish. (i felt like we got this deal instead? Honestly very confused haha😵)

Meat is a little too fatty for my liking. But overall, a decent bowl of ramen. But the customer service has room for improvement😕

Good 1 for 1 deal. Ordered the apple crumble and strawberry cheesecake. Love it❤️