Supergood!! Great customer service!

Vanilla milkshake
Impossible Hombre
Naughty fries

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Great ambience. Cool food presentation. For spicy mapo tofu, it’s not spicy, but I like the quinoa salad (+$3)

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Brownies was super nice.
My fav flavor: mango raspberry (must try!) - taste like cheesecake, green tea

5 star for service!

Pork Collar Steak ($16.8) - love the salad, it’s fresh, meat has a lot of fat and very oily, the curry didn’t really kick off for me. But portion wise is great.

Tenderloin Katsu ($8) - it’s very small😂, but the meat was super tender and well-seasoned.

Loin Katsu ($17.8) - valuable set. I prefer tenderloin katsu than loin.

Jowl Don ($13.8) - WINNER🎉! I like how they marinate it.

All price are without GST

Sausage was a little bit too salty for me. Love the beet root.

Their carrotcake is super sweet but nice tho👌🏼

Look at that🤤❤️

Amid the circuit breaker, Two Men Bagel House is still open. I went there around 1pm, and a lot of people come and go - buying their bagels. They checked our temperature and asked us to put our name on the list. After that, we queued and wait until they call our name.

Staffs were super nice☺️