We ordered two tomato “ramen” and two jigoku ones. The jigoku “ramen” came with appalling yellow noodles and all the noodles tasted Chinese. It’s Chinese tomato egg la mian and non spicy mala yellow noodles.

Please don’t order these, or don’t come unless you have to go halal.


It tastes as good as it looks! Definitely one of my top dessert places to go to 🤗

The unagi was really yummy, however it was slightly lacking in the amount of meat of the unagi itself. It was rather thin so it didn’t felt like I actually ate much meat if that makes any sense? 🤷🏻‍♀️ However, taking into consideration the affordability of this - the thin unagi is justifiable 🤣

The soup was seaweed + a tinge of yuzu. That was a shocking combination but nonetheless was rather refreshing. Still, I do prefer yuzu in drinks instead 😂
On a side note, a basic miso soup might have paired better with the unagi.

Overall, recommended to try!

Mediocre food, mediocre drinks, even most of the service is mediocre. The male staff were so unfriendly and kept staring. It was a very uncomfortable dining experience. I lament the past fart tartz that gave me quite a few great experiences but that’s all what it is now - the past. Not even if it’s free will I ever patronize this again.

First I have to say... the queue is a tad ridiculous. The line is placed seemingly a few paces away from the cafe that makes you question if it’s really the queue. I think they were shorthanded idk because no one would care about you until an eternity later. Then you’ll realize yes you have queued at the correct place. Pls understand that there was no one queueing but us and there were a lot of empty tables so... yupp 🌝

Moving on! I have to say the eggs benedict is da bombz. Love the combination of truffle and mashed potatoes. The bread was very hard and impossible to cut with the utensils. Eventually, I gave up and just used my hand 🙂 However, everything paired very well with one another - including the bread. The iced coffee was great too!

On a side note, after we were finally seated the service provided by a waitress was great and she was rather attentive.

Had to try this after seeing Ah Beng foodie’s post on FB! Sad to say - it fell short.

The hand pulled noodles will be good only if you like your noodles to be soft. I was expecting them to be like Haidilao’s 🤷🏻‍♀️ Other than the noodles not being al dente, the soup was also too thick. It’s more like a sauce - if you drink too much it’s quite overpowering. However the tomato taste was on point.

The only other redeeming point was the beef itself. It’s really tender and had just enough fats.

I would maybe still go back for this if I can ask them to make the noodles al dente :D


We had the carbonara (stated in the menu as recommendation), truffle fries, commons platter and a lamb chop. The carbonara sauce tasted as if a component rotted before it went into the making of the sauce 😂 I really don’t know how to describe it but DO NOT ORDER. Truffle fries tasted like plain salted fries and a part of the lamb chop was under cooked even though we ordered well done. Very disappointing and really jewel should have higher standards.

Forgot the exact name of this pasta but it was something like clams and Thai chili. It is right at the top of the pasta menu and it is worth a try. The pasta was flavorful and there were actually a lot of clams given. Spiciness level is imo only 1/5 though.

It’s certainly pretty and great for the gram but it tasted like something you can make from a grocery bought cake mix. This is the Rose flowerpot cake - it was also supposed to be milk tea flavored. The color was of milk tea but there was just the taste of plain cake mix :(

Love them! It's really sweet (totally up my lane) but maybe too sweet for some. Love the chocolate the most, followed by salted caramel. Service could be a tad better though.


Presentation 💯 the Floral cupcakes looked so delicate and pretty - almost too pretty to eat! However the cupcakes themselves don't taste very fantastic... the batter was a tad too dry for my liking. Got the valrhona chocolate flavor but didn't taste chocolatey enough.

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Love that the cafe is secluded and relatively quiet... it's a great place to relax and enjoy your meal. Got the salted egg chicken pasta and it was good - however I got sick of it after half the portion so would recommend sharing! On a side note the pepper chix pasta was really good.

The mud pie in a pot is so cute - though they honestly don't taste like much. Would recommend they provide metal spoons instead of wooden ones, all I could taste was the wooden spoon seriously! It's not fantastic but the presentation is 💯

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