Appetizer was great! It set the tone for dinner with the crispy chicken that was really tender and lightly fried carrot cake that wasn’t oily. The meat ngoh hiangs were also quite soft and had a chewy texture to it. Definitely recommend.

Portion of meat was big and was nicely grilled by their staff. My favorite was the juicy pork jowl. Kimchi soup was delicious too

Had five different dumplings for lunch this afternoon: Emperor’s rice dumpling, Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables, Hokkien rice dumplings with salted egg yolk, Pulut Hitam Nonya rice dumpling, and Nonya rice dumpling.

The dumplings are amazing and good for value. Each dumpling had a unique flavour; my favourite was the Pulut hitam dumpling. It has a refreshing aftertaste that struck my taste buds. Also, the Nonya dumpling was a delicious blend of nicely garnished glutinous rice and perfectly seasoned meat.

Would highly recommend this place and will come back again for more!

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The restaurant offers a quiet setting for those who seek respite after work. The vibes were great.

The steak was juicy and tender and the portion of calamari was really generous.

Will definitely recommend my friends to try this place out!

Tucked away in the corner of the junction of MacPherson Road and Kalan Anggerek lies the best prawn noodles I’ve had. The prawns given were fresh and the broth was rich, good till the last drop (the broth and noodles came separately).

The Wu Xiang platter was a mixture of fresh ingredients which are bite-sized. The prawn cracker was the highlight of the platter and you wouldn’t want to stop after one bite.

Great experience! Recommend to try this at least once.