K: pizza was thin crusted and J liked it alot yay! Usual price a bit pricey for the amount of ingredients on the pizza but with burpple its pretty worth it! Tastes just like how you’d expect a hawaiian pizza to taste like 🍕


Apple Cranberry juice
J: diluted power berries


Lime Mango juice
K: could be sweeter



J: very cheesy and is quite worth for the price with burpple 6.5/10


k: your usual chocolate cheese cake. brownie bits on top were quite soft. the cheese part tasted a bit sour but that might be bc we left it in the fridge for two days before eating :/ overall a very dense cake and portion is pretty all right for me


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k: lychee flavour was quite strong and the jelly layer was quite sweet. there was an actual lychee bit inside too! can't really taste the raspberry tho hmm


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k: super cheesy and cheese tastes smooth and not too sweet for my liking! can't really go wrong with the classic :) portion is on the smaller side but overall with burpple deal i think it's worth it!


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ultimate egg benedict (9/10) + iced chocolate (6/10)
j: eggs benedict is good and runny with ham and bacon and the piece of meat is well seasoned and nice. salad dressing was also v tasty.

the iced chocolate is iced chocolate.

gyu don (8/10) + iced caramel macchiato (6.5+1/10)
k: smells really nice!! love the teriyaki sauce in the rice and the rice tastes good too!! beef was very peppery so if you like black peppery you'd like this! tho the beef was a bit tough ... hm

the macchiato is a bit bland and has not much taste. it mainly tasted like coffee with not much caramel taste so that's a bit sad :(
(update: +1 bc the bottom part tastes sweeter more caramelly so maybe is idk how to stir HAHA)

overall: 7.5/10
not too crowded at 11am ish on a weekend. chill vibes and nice nostalgic music hehe spent $25.80 in total so pretty worth it with burpple! without might be a tad bit pricey though will definitely come back to try the other items on the menu :D