The pulled pork, hoison BBQ was not bad. It was pretty fragrant and has a good portion of meat. The chai tea latte could be stronger, as it is not flavourful enough. The berry ricotta pancake was nice and fluffy and has a nice aroma to it.

The pairing between the espresso and chocolate mint ice cream was splendid! It was so addictive and delicious. Being a non-coffee drinker myself, I was surprised by this Chocolate Affogato. I would recommend this to any mint lovers and non-coffee drinkers.

We ordered the truffle carbonara and pomodoro crab pasta. The truffle carbonara was not bad. However, the poached egg was a little too over done. Otherwise, it was still alright. The pomodoro crab pasta on the other hand, faired a little poorer. The crab meat were a nice touch to the pasta, however, the tomato paste taste a tad ordinary, making it seem like a normal pasta. However, the crab meat tasted nice and fragrant!

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