Something different from the usual fish & chips that most restaurants or cafes offer outside as they often use Dory fish instead.

Seabass is sweet, add to the taste by dipping into their home-made tartare sauce and the dish is perfect!

P.S. you need not wait for McDonald's criss cross fries anymore!


Baymax designed. You don't have to choose but you can specially request for a design. Mocha could be less intense. I would say, it's a plus point for the design but minus for the drink.

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Sweet tooth time!

Ba chor mee: It's really nice to see a bowl of ba chor mee that is made of mango slices, some crushed cookiee as the minced meat! A small bowl just suffice!
Chocolate avalanche: Personally feel that it's the best desert dish in the picture. Chocolate is warm and biscuit is tasty!
Tutu kueh/Ang ku kueh: A traditional pastry that turns into a desert piece. Probably a try-once kind of food cause it gets really sweet at the centre.

Total damage: $53

The crowd starts coming in around 8pm and staffs are really joyful and friendly! Not to say that they are efficient too. Atmosphere can get pretty loud when there's a crowd but I can still hear my friend sitting opposite me. So, I guess it isn't too bad! πŸ‘


There's two choices to the rainbow bagel. One is the a burger with beef patty, another as a desert. I like how appealing it is, and there's so much cookie crumbs! Be mindful as you might spill most of the crumbs out onto the plate.

Rainbow bagel feels kind of tough to bite. There is also mango sauce in the bagel, matched with some coolness from the ice cream.

Overall ambience is good. The staffs are very very very friendly too! I wouldn't mind coming back again to try other mains.

These mushrooms are huge and juicy. I love how it is battered, crunchy and hot! It goes really well with the sauce too πŸ‘

Damage: $10

Overall ambience is good. The staffs are very very very friendly too! I wouldn't mind coming back again to try other mains.


I will strongly urge anybody who enjoys eating laksa to give this laksa linguine a miss because honestly, it doesn't taste good despite the chefs recommendation.πŸ‘Ž

However, if you support social enterprise, go ahead and try their other dishes like pork chop rice :)


Ordered two bowls of Dons and I'm surprised that they are so so so filling! We couldn't finish what we had ordered.

Teriyaki Don: served with huge pieces of teriyaki chicken, with generous amount of teriyaki sauce. πŸ‘
Gyuniku Donburi: beef is in very thin slices, but it's juicy and tasteful.πŸ‘
Mix that poached egg into the rice and there you have it!
Salted egg calamari rings: it's smells good but it gets too gelark after a few rings. They even serve additional Salted egg sauce!

I super love the ambience! But do make a reservation on peak days! Their lunch on a normal weekday was packed!

A good place in the west of Singapore. The best part would be that it opens till late! Food is generally clean, doesn't give me the thought that I might get food poisoning. Portion is also alright. Best for rainy days!


Interesting choice of combination. A huge square slice of otah with runny egg. Friend actually prefers if the otah is spicier, but my personal view is just right. I really wouldn't mind coming back to this place again with other group of friends.πŸ‘

Damage: $9.50


The pork burgers, though small but enjoyable. It is more like a side dish than a main. Good to share with your friend! Pork patty was done in a generous amount with crispy bacon! It is an expensive choice, but rather worth the try. πŸ‘

Damage: $12.50

Well, I would say, this plate of eggs benedict is really creative. However, the classic poached egg with toast is a disappointment - pretty tasteless even with the hollandaise sauce. But, the cheese bacon cup was wonderful. Together with the green pea mashup, perfect! πŸ‘

Damage: $14.50

The cafe surrounding is awesome. It feels comfortable, staff is really friendly and smiley. They even sell merchandises! Cafe is themed in a vintage manner with an addition of zodiac fun!


Miso based ramen; very thick soup but well, salty. This bowl of ramen is goodness. I love the cha shu - so soft and fat! However, today's egg is too solidified, could have been more watery.

Damage: $17.00++

The restaurant don't smell good, probably because of the dirty cloth used to clean the tables. However, I enjoy the warm service provided by the staffs. They are very proactive and friendly.