got the half/half set with velvety mushroom stroganoff and the sg chicken & mushroom ragout!

loved the mentaiko pasta! not too jelak.. and came with a lot of tobiko that added dimension to the flavour. would especially recommend the miso soup that came with real salmon chunks and onions in it!

GTF bagels were really good! loved the truffle mayo and the SUPER CRISPY hashbrown. this was alr split in half so my friend and i ordered one to share - so it was $5.40 for each of us :)

miso mushroom noodles and fried pierogi were both DELICIOUS

we ordered the 5 course meal as a family, my main was the truffle carbonara :) truffle flavour was very fragrant

LOVED PLAYING WITH THE DOGGOS here 🥺🥺🥺 huge chow chows and a beautiful samoyed… waffle was okok though

fluffy cheese muffin

honest opinion - the place is super pretty and instagrammable but unfortunately the quality of the food doesn’t really live up to the hype :(

this was such a homely thai-style zichar kind of meal… omelette was fluffy, kangkong was ‘shiok’fully spicy

the earl grey lavender waffle was a chef’s kiss… 😍 perfect dessert to end off a hike

i loved this apple crumble dessert!!! the cold ice cream and the warm crumble at the bottom made such a heavenly combination… only wish is that the apples were more sweet!

ate it while it was on promotion!