SAMSUI CHICKEN SOBA: Al-dente soba served chilled; taste light & appetizing; topped with shredded egg, seaweed, cucumber; with 5 big & thick slices of chicken breast; meat is surprisingly soft & tender; love the addition of ginger & spring onion relish which complement the Japanese style soba well, resulting in a pleasant twist in Chinese-Japanese fusion food; dish worth a try..

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Salmon confit roll is fresh & firm, mildly raw in the centre, very tender & soft to bite; lightly torched to give a mild smoky taste; asam balsamic dressing is palatable with either key ingredients not overpowering each other, complement the fish very well; fried kale is crispy & taste surprisingly good; sautéed veggies are crunchy & juicy, seasoned with salt & pepper; felt a tad salty though; well-executed dish worth a try..

The most aesthetically appealing bowl of rice; generous portion of assorted raw fish cubes, tamago, cucumber & edamame, etc; raw items are fresh & firm; love the fluffy & flavorful mushroom rice at the bottom; with wasabi & pickled ginger at the side; looks small but filling; taste good on its own without the need for soy sauce dip..