Now that it’s famous, I had to wait 1hr! Still good though! I ordered what they called a “hybrid” - mackerel and red garoupa add bak chor... clean tasting with fresh fish that breaks off in your mouth instead of mushes up when you chew it. 8.5/10 #firstworldproblems #burpple

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Slow cooked and very tender! #burpple

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Originally from KL’s Jln Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1, but have serveral branches around Klang Valley where it’s apparently quite popular too. My benchmark is still the KIN KIN in KL for all chilli pan Mee ratings. Singapore outlets and attempts at this dish always seems to fall short somehow. The closest to me was the (now defunct) “face to face outlet” at city square mall. Over here is the same; it’s not bad but falls slightly short and missing a little “je nes sais quoi”. Not too bad in its own way though. #burpple

ordered the same thing I would at Man Man for comparison. My verdict, it’s not too bad, but I still prefer man man! Chunks seems bigger and softer there. Both are slightly crisp on the outside though. Not worlds apart but Man Man I feel has a slight edge over this. All boils down to personal preference too though. #burpple #unagi

Delicious! But I’d wonder if it taste even better if it were served cold frm a fridge! #burpple #sugaroverdose

The crown 👑 is back. Absolutely the best bowl of Thai wanton Mee in sg. The pork is to die for. The noodles no longer have dry lumpy spots and is a good amount of wet(That’s what she said). #burpple

The actual babi lecheon was quite delicious. Lemon grass hints and addictively crispy skin. At $10 it comes with rice which I thought was quite pricy. Rice seemed over cooked and mushy though. Borderline bakchang texture. I doubt it’s supposed to be like that. 5.5/10 #burpple #filipinofood

Kudos to man man for doing unagi so well! Got that whisp of “chaotah” taste that comes from the charcoal and that oozing egg to mix with that rice! 🤤 #burpple