Really enjoyed the service and the good food that was served! The highlights were the 沙茶海鲜锅 that was extra savory with really fresh seafood and the 走地鸡 which was really crispy.

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The meat is so tender it falls off the bones!! The bourbon seasoning was also so on point. Would love to visit again to challenge the spicy ribs

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Was an umami bomb with the meatball, grouper and flatfish! Broth was very rich and the fish is fresh

A great meal for me!


Was craving some yogurt drink and chanced upon Yogost, what stood out for me was the purple rice inside the drink which had a great chewy texture! Had mango purple rice and taro yogurt drinks.

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Great Ramen at affordable prices, great service by the staff too. The charsiew was very good, and the pork belly is quite special and worth a try!