some ‘out-of-the-box’ dim sum flavors to your usual dim sum, an interesting twist.


served all day err day, my only choice

(smoked salmon dill cream cheese bagel $13)

Addictive handmade, springy and tangy noodles

(wanton mee with black/chilli sauce $4)

the crispiest yet tenderest pork katsu i’ll ever find in a hawker setting.

(una tama don $11.80 / pork katsu curry $9.80)

first you try it one by one, then you mash and mix it all up. maximum taste satisfaction 👌🏻

(tamago ikura sando $16 / garlic butter sakura ebi $18 / torched mentaiko salmon $17 / honey matcha earl grey latte $8)

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the most flavorful prawn noodle.
the taste never gets old.

(#3 prawn noodle $6.50)

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my go-to spot for catching up with colleagues/friends after office hours.

(kelong prawn and scallop pizza $25)

this wanton noodle gets on you. the more you eat it, the more addictive it gets. and their chilli is A MUST TRY 💣 p.s. non-spicy eaters might convert.

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from their tenderest meat to its crispiest batter to the freshest cabbage. the only go-to-place when i crave for tonkatsu.

(kurobuta rosu set $33.80++ / ebi & katsu set $26.80++)

their crocream is so ooze, it could replace booze anytime! their ice cream quality is really good and i love their quirky furniture deco setting.

(belgian choc / sicilian pistachio / salted caramel topping)

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