Quite satisfying. Mee pok is done just nice and the pork lard used taste fresh. Great portion at $4. Other variations available. Long queue but fast moving.

The sauce that comes with the meepok is pretty good. At $4 a bowl, it comes with fishball, pork slices, minced pork, mushrooms and beansprouts. Could do with more pork lard though. The stall is located at where Hambaobao was.

Roast pork is tender with crispy skin.

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Stall name: Chinatown Cooked Food

Manned by two elderly ladies. It sells a small assorted selection of fried Yong Tau foo to go with laksa or fried beehoon or noodles. Go early as the stall sells out very early.

Chinese style nasi lemak. Great deal for kuning set at $3.00 which comes with 4 fishes and 1 egg. Other standard options such as otak and chicken wings available, and curry dishes. I am not sure but I think the stall probably closes by lunch. The stall is in the middle.

Not bad thanks to the fresh tasting pork lard oil, and just nice portion. Bowl comes with fishballs, pork slices, fish cake. Rare to find pork slices in meepok these day. The stall, which also sells fish slice soup, is manned by a husband and wife team and their two sons also help out these days.

Ordered the dry, $4 version which comes with a small bowl of very nice, concentrated broth which must be the highlight of the stall. The noodles are not bad too, quite oily but I think they make their own pork lard and shallots. :) Serving size is quite good. Comes in $3 or $4 portions with additional top ups for stuff like pig tail, fish cake etc. Opening hours: Mon to Sat, 4pm to 9 pm wef 2 Jul 19.

I have eaten at this stall since I worked at Biopolis. The price, taste and portion have remained the same. I always get the meepok dry and it is really oily but shiok,especially with the pork lard. I also like that the well-fried fish cake is sliced thick as it gives it a nice texture to bit into. Queue is a bit long during peak hours but fast moving. The spin off stall next to it sells the bak chor mee version,including a all-in-one option at $5.

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$3 for prawn noodle.$4 for pork rib. $5 for pork rib+prawn.
Had the $5 version which comes with a Generous serving of ingredients. The pork rib is super tender. The broth seems to lack the "concentratedness" of prawn. But it was a good find nevertheless.


The best ever carrot cake. On my first bite, It tasted like oyster omelette minus the oysters. It is oily but you need the oil to make it very crispy! Deserving of its top notch rating.

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Housed in a small coffeeshop in a forgotten corner, known only to regulars, on B1 Bukit Timah Plaza. Friendly couple manning a stall that sells chicken, roast duck, braised duck, roast pork and char siew rice. Duck noodles available too. Prices start at $3.50 for a standard plate of braised duck which tastes quite good (much better than those at the poorly ventilated bukit timah hawker centre) . Will try out the other dishes when I am there!

Greasy, juicy, filling and, last but not least, satisfying!