Pasta - Dish was ok. Good portion and generous amount of crabmeat within. Pasta was rather soft however.
Nasago - Tasty dish! Though portion was small and is insufficient as a proper meal. Opt of this if you're intending to go for second round of food or if you've had something prior!

We ordered 3 dishes: garlic prawn pasta, truffle fries, and sticky date pudding.
The truffle fries, a highly recommended dish in reviews, were rather bland and the truffle taste was almost negligent - not sure if it's just the plate we got. Garlic prawn pizza was not too bad, with generous amount of prawns. We didn't particularly enjoyed the sticky date pudding which ended our meal due to the hint of bitterness in the toffee sauce. Service was fantastic though!

Went with the options as they were both highly raved in reviews. Both were freshing but we preferred the sweeter grape oolong instead of the pear one.

Burpple 1-for-1. We went with eggs beneditct, both ham and smoked salmon. Dish was quite average and hollandaise sauce was sour for our liking. However, portion was good and bread was tasty.

Felt that ispahan (unpictured) was the best, as there is a sourish tang with a hint of rose. Works for those into citrusy flavours.

Tasty dish with salmon cooked to perfection. The dollop of mashed avocado was an interesting and healthy addition. Loved the inclusion of a fragrant and tasty bread stick. Served with brown rice. Did not touch the separate steak bowl but heard it was quite well done too.

Pasta and prawns were so bland we added a decent amount of salt to our plates. The dish was not worth the price point of $25++ - we have tasted better aglio olio at < $20. Pasta was however cooked to al dente texture and the dish was nicely plated. The other redeeming factor was this friendly and jovial female service crew at the restaurant.

Burpple one for one. Serving size was good for both, and both dishes taste great as well. The use of angel hair pasta for granchio was a brilliant move as it allowed each mouthful to remain light and palatable. Squid ink pasta, as quoted by my partner, was amazing. The addition of chilli padi was a pleasant surprise.


Had fried chicken sandwich, as well as PB&J sandwich for lunch. Personally preferred PB&J but felt that I'd get sick of it if I had the entire sandwich myself!

Didn't have much of a choice in terms of selection (the popular ones were sold out D:) and the place was full house when we popped by.

Smores pie was smooth and extremely chocolatey, while only the lemon taste was evident for the other (not that I'm complaining because it's so refreshing!) We ordered cocoa latte (iced chocolate essentially) which was too surfeited for us since smores pie kind of reached our chocolate quota for the day.

Service staff were polite and friendly despite the crowd which made the visit an enjoyable one.

Got both via burpple beyond and they were so good! We went with almond butter for the drizzle. Would not advise having one on your own post-meal (we regretted doing so) as they are extremely filling! Coco glow probably would be a better option for ladies as it came with coconut sorbet that's light and complements the acai well!

Salmon was done well, was tender and tasty. Spaghetti on the other hand was quite bland. The cream sauce wasn't well infused.
Iberico pork chop not shown here was tender and tasty though!