Refreshing ... not bad overall

Refreshing fruit tea

First try for this brand chosen 25% with less ice + chrysanthemum pearls. I find this pearls damn sweet for me ... make whole drink worst ... I just drink 20% of this drink and throw it away... wasted $.

Matcha taste not strong enough and this pearl I am really not idea what is happen.. stick at my teeth and don’t know what is special about this.

Super sweet ... didn’t asked for sugar level ...

Just nice for the day.

Nice lunch for today. Will come again.


this drink full with toppings - grass jelly or pearl... become toppings king haha

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The yogurt taste not so strong... Crew hint behind the shop... call so many times then she just came out. Taste is good.

Pearl stick at my teeth after ate ... really not idea about this pearl...

Wait for so Long ... tea is fragrant but pearl I am not recommended.

Special signature from The Moment Grey Milk Tea with the combination less ice and 30% sugar level. Super delicious. Must try it.