Honey baby ribs ($21)
Pork chop & mesh ($18)
Truffle bacon pasta ($17)
The ribs was good as well as the pasta. However we didn’t enjoy the pork chop. Maybe it’s preferences, but overall it was good.

Not really a fan of these desserts, it was sweet for me. Should have gone for the soufflé or the bingsu

Love the salted brownie, but it’s a little to chocolaty for me. It will be perfect for people who loves chocolates.

A cozy and small cafe which reminds me of a cafe I visited in Japan. 🇯🇵

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Great deal, 1-for -1 coffee ☕️
Coffees are very aromatic, cozy place to chill at the HDB.

not pricey and just what I need to have every morning. 👍🏻

The coffee here is at a price range similar to Starbucks. The place is really pretty and it feels like I am in Japan but I think that the Coffee is average. Matcha is a little bitter, it would be nice if they could ask customers if they needed sugar.

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It’s $9 for a pot and I think it was really affordable. The cakes and pastries goes really well with all the coffees there. ☕️🍰

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Good services and food. I’ve found another good pizza place to go too. Definitely need to order a pizza here.

I am not a fan of coconut milk and gula melaka, but this drink was not bad and the jelly inside complimented the sweetness perfectly. ☕️👍🏻❤️

👍🏻 nice cafe and drinks. They have mains as well, would love to have their mains next time.☕️