no words. calamari was fresh, and we rly rly enjoyed the pizza and truffle fries!!!!!!!

was really looking forward to this place but all the food was so so only. chicken was huge but the waffles were quite dry and tough so it ended up being quite hard to finish. not sure what kind of syrup it is but i thought the taste was kinda strange and didnt go very well with the other two items. tacos weren’t great. really enjoyed the cajun fries tho! probably will not be back again


comes with noodle, 4 dumplings and a drink! rly worth. fried pierogi dumpling was super good!!!!!! rly liked the smoked duck dumpling as well :) the braised pork and mushroom noodles were both super good. drinks were ok ok. dining time only limited to 45 mins so its abit rushed imo.... excited to come back here again to eat soon!

to be honest the ice cream to waffle ratio is a bit lacking for both, so the waffles ended up being a bit dry - esp for the smores bc its only one scoop for the whole waffle. but the waffle itself was crispy and tasty! really enjoyed the hojicha soft serve. we had to get drinks - strawberry green tea (hot) & lychee tea (iced) to go with the deal but they were quite disappointing

hot mocha was rly good, iced thai latte was so so only. the mushrooms in the risotto were rly generous and very tasty!!!!!!! thought that the rice didnt have much flavour and was kinda dry tho. fillings in the carbonara were a lot as well, taste wise pretty decent, but not fantastic.

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the acai was completely tasteless! it was just like a whole bowl of half-frozen half-watery mush, and had a lot of icy particles as well. not sure if i can even call it acai tbh. very disappointed!!! defo will not be back again sorry

coffee for a good cause! but objectively i thought the coffee was rather diluted and sour, not much fragrance of the coffee nor taste of chocolate. only worth it with burpple one for one.

this was super good!!!!!!!! loved loved LOVED THE STRAWBERRY! can’t wait to be back again for it :3

sad to see that egg stop is no longer on burpple beyond. really enjoyed the taste and texture of the scrambled eggs but i honestly think that the turkey bacon was too overpowered by the egg so it kinda disappeared in each mouthful. perhaps other flavours on the menu would be better balanced! we really enjoyed the tater tots but yet pretty disappointed in the portion of as it was barely filled up to half a cup...

we really enjoyed the ice cream here!!!! waffle was freshly made and was very crispy and tasty. generous portion of ice cream. my favourite was the lychee sorbet as it was really refreshing and sweet, although it may be too sweet for some. speculoos flavour was chunky and thick which i thoroughly enjoyed as well. would definitely recommend this place!


mixed feelings about this place.. the fish was really good but the portion of fries were so miserly!! chicken burger was not bad. each main is about $14 but the offer was $20 for 2, honestly felt kinda cheated when i realised that its not really 141. probably will not be back again

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unfortunately we didnt really enjoy the food at this place... the ambience was very nice and chill but as for the food, we thought that the orange brioche was rather underwhelming. It just tasted like an average toasted bread with sugary bits and didnt really go well with the oranges. the mocha was also not fragrant as well and i couldn’t really tell if i was drinking coffee at all. overall everything was quite mediocre tasting and definitely not worth the cost in my opinion. would most probably not be back again for dessert and drinks.