This cashless takeaway concept is situated near SGH, and offers MOS burger items (seem to be the non-pork items) as well as in-house food and drinks. I got myself the Korean noodle with toppings of luncheon meat, egg and greens. Pretty standard but the combi makes a good filling lunch. The veggie is crunchy and the yolk is still runny. Good if you're in a rush as you can pre-order the food here, and dabao or eat it on the seating area. However they serve the food in disposables and due to the pre-order and self-collection method they might not support BYO. Perhaps they can collaborate with lunch box rental providers out there then?

dirty delicious blueberry milk strikes a good balance of creaminess and sweetness of the milk. on top of the purée, blueberry bits are mixed in too!

Beer Battered Fish and Chips that are well fried and seasoned, event though I prefer it a bit saltier. Love the crispy fish, and the umami fries (aka. fries with bonito and furikake) that complements the fish well. Staff are quite attentive and friendly, even though some of them would chat with each other at the dining area.

A Build-Your-Own pasta place, worth it for the price as we can choose our own combi and the portion is generous!

Pain Au Chocolat served in PPP, baked by Bread Createur. It was flaky with generous chocolate filling, but the layers below the first two layers feel under-toasted.

Flat white with Nuts and Bolts blend. This blend is my favorite and their coffees that I got in the past are normally great and balanced (well, it's Papa Palheta anyway), but unfortunately this time around it feels diluted and the milk not creamy. Will probably try again next time.

A really Japanese bakery located in one of the Japanese expat hangouts/residence areas. I had the banh mi, essentially baguette with the typical beef found in gyudons. Not sure if actual banh mi is stuffed with this method of cooking up beef too, but it tastes Japanese. I had it for dine in and the staff, while friendly, didn't offer to re-toast it so it is quite hard and chewy sadly. The coffee is served in takeaway cups (didn't ask if can BYO) and the beans are from Japan itself and therefore quite special.

The salmon was done really nicely, crispy skin and tender flaky flesh. The fettuccini was done well but otherwise nothing quite special for me.

Small, minimalist aesthetic café with unique and limited offering, but is very popular. I came after lunchtime hoping to get my hands on their donuts to no avail. I had the strawberry pistachio instead, nice cake crust and comforting combination of the ingredients! Not for those who don't like nutty/strong pistachio flavor or texture as advised by the staff. I also got the osmanthus tea which is imported from Taiwan, which complements the cake well.

Jimmy Monkey serves great food and coffee, though being an Australian-inclined café the choice are limited to bread-based western. Here is the all day sourdough and egg with additions of bacon and wilted spinach. Great crispy bread, decently-runny egg (adjust the seasoning by yourself as the egg by itself is not heavily seasoned), crispy bacon. They offer 4 different spreads and I chose vegemite. Wholesome brunch indeed!

A new kid on the block, just a few doors from Habitat. Nice small-ish place to hang as a group (there is a big round table rather secluded) or enjoy your time by yourself. The flat white is almost-full-bodied and moderately strong.

It is within NEWest which was very quiet on a weekday afternoon when I visited. They mainly offer fried chicken-anything, including waffles, burger and bowls, though they serve salmon and the likes too. The fried chicken bowl [$10] had a very cripy chicken skin with the meat quite tender. The rest was quite normal – normal (a bit under watered?) sushi rice, runny egg with ikura, side salad and sesame sauce which was quite diluted. The chicken was, rightly, the highlight of the meal if you are into this way of serving. The alcohols they serve is from local-owned, and aptly named, Sunbird Brewing Company. The witbier [$8 a bottle] was recommended by the staff as a crowd favorite. It is light, other than that just like your typical witbier.