was here in late August 2021 with a friend and we had a great time here. the waitress was friendly and helped us out a lot when we asked about the lactose free options. i ordered the mediterranean pasta (honestly cannot remember the name of the pasta and can’t find it either because the menu changes periodically) but wasn’t a huge fan of the capers and couldn’t really pick them out in the dark either 🀣

the waffle served here was crispy and paired well with the ice cream. especially enjoyed the hojicha ice cream!

chanced upon this shop on tiktok and decided to make a trip down because i really love sweet potatoes, wasn’t left disappointed! the sweet potato treat with a hint of cocoa (pictured in front) looks like an actual sweet potato coin. the crust had similarities to mooncake crust and had a light sweet potato taste.

absolutely loved the sweet potato cake (pictured at the back) as it has a distinct taste of sweet potato and the texture was oddly similar to an actual sweet potato as well. would definitely come back again for the sweet potato cake.

was on the saltier side, but pairs nicely with the side of purple rice (seriously v fluffy, one of the most amazing rice i’ve had). meat was too fatty for our liking though.

the fried chicken here always hits the spot! :) came down during lunch instead of dinner for a change, only to find out that they had different menus for lunch and dinner. didn’t manage to order the kimchi pancake that my friend was craving :(

portions were pretty generous! especially loved the egg pappardelle. wouldn’t travel here for pasta but would drop by if I were to be in the area.

ordered this thinking it would be similar to the sichuan ηΊ’ζ²ΉζŠ„ζ‰‹, but this version had much more vinegar and less spice to it. the chili oil wasn’t as fiery as it seems πŸ˜‚

overall experience at isshin machi wasn’t the best, was seated at a table with 2 out of 4 chairs soaked. dishes were served quite slowly as well, with the first and last dish served with a 30 minute interval.

was the first dish to be served out of the 2 other dishes that we ordered. generous amount of sauce but the overall portion was quite small. however, its perfect for sharing as it get a bit cloying after awhile.

noodles were springy and had a nice bite to it, would consider a $1 top up in the future to try the guan miao noodles! even though the pork chop was pretty tender, personally felt that it was a little bland and didn’t pair too well with the noodles.

can’t recall the exact name of the bread but the taste is unforgettable :”))) great when eaten at room temperature and even better when reheated! loved the generous amounts of dark chocolate chunks and aromatic coffee dough 🀀

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had this, along with the nutella bun, back in May 2021 and i remember significantly that the cream was sour :( not a fan of either, but others seem to feel otherwise. go try it for yourself! πŸ˜‹

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