Not too sweet, just right. New flavours rotate on 1st & 16th, wonder what’s next! 😉

Chicken curry [$13.90] at Baba Bento, located at The Basement, Hong Leong Building • The set also comes with snacks and lime juice! The chap chye was good and the Ayam pongteh was flavourful 🤤 will definitely try the Assam pedas on my next visit! 😍 . (On a side note, the batik tablecloth is so pretty 😆)


P.S Long overdue catering post - clearing my album for more food pics (really loved the bright colours in this one 😍) #majorthrowback

Pad Thai [$3.50] • I miss Polytechnic food so much! Good food at cheap prices 😍Newly opened Kazoku Ramen, do support! The broth was not bad (based on the price). Generous serving, and I really liked the egg. 🤤Don't miss the pad Thai from the Thai food stall just next to Kazoku! And also the salad shop called Crowded bowl! 🤤🤤🤤