The paddlepop cheesecake at Cravings is certainly eye-catching. Ah, nostalgia. Photo by Burppler Elaine Koh #Burpple

Saint Pierre's poached eggs comes with salmon roe, lobster and champagne hollandaise. It doesn't get classier than this! Photo by #BurppleTastemaker Irina Tan #Burpple


Some say it's a must to order this while you're there! Photo by #BurppleTastemaker Zi Heng Tay #Burpple


This is the Dry Chashu Ramen lunch set at Osaka Ohsho, which comes with gyoza as well. #BurppleTastemaker Veronica Phua liked the crunchiness of the beansprouts and scallions, and really enjoyed the well-executed meat aspects of the set! #burpple

This is the brioche topped with espresso maple bacon from Toby's Estate. May warrant extra treadmill hours but well worth the calories we say! Photo by #BurppleTastemaker May Cho #burpple


Look at the mountain of banana slices! Photo by #BurppleTastemaker Seth Lui #burpple

We love both equally! Perfect for those cold, rainy days. #BurppleTastemaker Geraldine Tay recommends the Tom Yum soup at Nakhon Kitchen. #burpple

Windowsill Pies is known for their yummy selection of sweet pies. Try their Pecan and Smores pies! Photo by #BurppleTastemaker Eleoration #burpple

Looks like perfect brunch food for the weekend. Photo by Burppler Elaine Koh #burpple


Looks fantastic! You can even pay an additional $8 to add sea urchin (uni) like how Burppler SG Foot on Foot did here! #burpple

This cocktail includes ingredients like rum, English breakfast tea and kaya. Photo by Burppler Vivienne Chua #burpple