Pretty decent froyo with two toppings of choice - I got the matcha sauce and strawberries. Worth it with the burpple deal.

Spicy Babe is a mala-beef pizza and this was a unique flavour that works surprisingly well. I wouldn’t have imagined mala on a pizza but the mala spice really came through despite the cheese and the combi was amazing! It was a comfortable level of spice for the 小辣 and 中辣 mlxg eaters, so spiciniess should not be a problem.

The pizza crust had the right thickness - not too thick nor thin, and it was very flavourful. The pizza does get abit tough when it’s cold so please eat it while it’s hot!

Really recommend Happy Ending Pizza - great pizzas, bright and lively decor, very friendly owner, and super convenient location to top it off. Take the link bridge from Nicoll Highway MRT directly to level 2 of City Gate. There’s also free 2h parking with a minimum spend of $20!

The owner shared that they are still in their soft launch phase but from next Monday onwards they will have their official launch with an expanded menu, so I’d say head down to try before they get too popular!

Pesto Gnocchi, Tomato Gnocchi and Carbonara. Pasta is on the salty side but it is very rich and hearty. Would visit again!

Everything was good, ‘nuff said. Please come and try, and make a reservation too because they’re getting very popular. The pizzas stand out far more than the pasta - not too thick or thin, just enough bite. And the burrata was DIVINE. I’ve used all my burpple vouchers on the pizza already.

I enjoyed the duck confit - the combination of the crispy skin and tender meat is super yummy! Portion is smaller compared to other mains like the grilled chicken, but it is enough food. Love the super friendly staff too!

Got the burpple 1 for 1 deal, you need to order 20 skewers and the other 20 is free. Enough for 3-4 pax. Skewers are nice while it’s hot, can get abit gelat when it cools down.

Ordered the 3-4 pax BBQ set which was more than enough food. It comes with pork belly, chicken, a stew and a huge pancake. Meat is fresh and thick!

Part of the 3-4 pax BBQ set. Really huge pancake and it was crispy with the right thickness.

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Matcha is pretty standard but the pear oolong is really fragrant. Has a subtle pear taste which is very refreshing!

Both dishes were very yummy. The fish and chips are the best I’ve ever tried! Light and crispy batter, and the fish has a good bite.

I visited DDB twice - the first time was a pleasant experience with the food being brought promptly, side dishes being refilled and charcoal being changed frequently. The meat was fresh and I like the thick cut of the pork.

However, I visited DDB again in Dec and a server was very paggro and told her colleagues not to serve us the meat we ordered, basically hinting at us to leave at 1.5h after our booking time. We only got the charcoal after waiting for 15mins. How can we eat anything without the charcoal fire? We were also constantly served the wrong meats, and the side dishes which we requested a refill for were brought to the kitchen and never seen again. We also requested for a refill of the egg multiple times but never got it. This visit was very distressing and it tainted my impression of DDB. I would not recommend it anymore.

The grilled squid was a pleasant surprise - very tender and flavourful. Portions are quite small though.