Great way to break away from usual nyonya laksa. This asam laksa really hit all the right spots in your mouth. Qq fishballs!

Everything that u want from chicken rice. No need to say so much i guess! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Healthy Chinese food with fresh ingredients and beneficial herbs. Cant ask for more. Ordered mushroom soup, as on point as ever, braised tofu also so good as well as the braised pork. Another must try this is their sti fried long bean with tea leaf!

Didnt plan to try this. We came across and got attracted by the menu. Tried the crayfish lala beehoon $28, enough for 3-4 person. Supper yummy white bee hoon with lots of ingredients. Cant wait to be back to try their other menu.

They take the location of the previous super famous wee name kee chicken rice opposite the novena church. Price is slightly higher than of wee nam kee. They have good chicken, chili and sauces. Quite good! But ofcourse cant compare to Wee Nam Kee!

Had beef teriyaki wrap which was really yummy for about $5. Teriyaki meat is soft, juicy and flavourful. Just wished they didnt add so much mayo on it. Hamburger patty rice set a bit disappointing, dry meat and just doesnt go well with the rice and sauce.

Ordered oxtail soup and rice, waited for 15 minutes and soup came out not hot. I asked to be reheated, and they added more soup into it? Taste wise is just okok lah.

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A must try dish is their curry white noodle. Awesome soup, lots of chicken, big portion, nyammm🤤. Char kway teow also good. But i feel the NEX outlet is better.

Soup is good, both the beef and chicken. But disappointed with the noodle texture. Noodle is very soft, maybe overcooked? Was expecting something more qq.😳

Umami pork broth with qq noodle🤤. Go for the thick noodle, it has more body and more qq. The squid side dish is also heavenly. One of the best ramen out there, can taste no msg at all.

So many youngster when i ate there. Probably because of the milk pork ribs. Milk pork ribs really unique and nice. Seafood platter also shiok, juicy scallops, prawns, fish.

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Go for the quiche and salad set, salad is super generous, fresh and tasty dressing. The rest of the croissants are also top notch!