Located at the far end of the second floor of Orchard Central, The Tapas Club is the place to go with friends for authentic Spanish dishes at wallet friendly prices. Tapas, or sharing plates, start from $9.90 and nothing on the menu is over $25. Order their homemade Bread with Olive Oil and Vinegar ($5) to start, before moving on to their tapas. Of all that we tried, we liked the tender Beef Cheeks with Idiazabal Cheese ($12.90), the comforting Egg, Potatoes and Ham ($12.90) and the Baby Squid with Fried Egg ($12.90). Be sure to order the Squid Ink Noodles Paella ($25) that is great for sharing in a small group. The unassuming looking dish is surprisingly flavourful and the little charred noodle bits on the base of the pan fondly reminds us of claypot rice. Mix well for maximum satisfaction. End your meal on a sweet note with their Churros with Chocolate Sauce ($8) β€” it's one of the better churros we've had in a while.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

EVERY friend told me to have Yang’s Dumplings ε°ζ¨η”Ÿη…Ž when I told them I was visiting Shanghai.
Where's your favourite Sheng Jian Bao from?

Every bite was so addictive and at each spoonful it became more appealing. I ordered the Original Poke Shaker and gave a small taste of 2 other bowls realising that my friend's (dynamite kickin') was the best of em all. Each bowl was a beautifully harmonised mixture of flavours and textures and a dainty portion which makes me wnna go back for more.

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Looks pretty, and perhaps the best part of this dessert were the gummy worms. Not really to my liking as I would expect at least a decent cheesecake beneath the oreo crumbs, but flavours were rather disappointing. It's like an overload of mousse/cream and more mousse. 1.5/5 for me. Lava cake's great but icecream taste like nestle vanilla instead of a Haagen Dazs standard. Oh well.

Definitely price for quality. No doubt! Ordered the omakase dinner w the family. Each pax's about 180++. Will definitely be back for their chirashi don!! ❀️

Always a "must order" for me and my friends when we're here. They serve awesome cheesecakes which are not in the menu. Their crumble cheesecake I thought was disappointing, the first I tried was the best but subsequently standard dropped.

Located just further down CBD area, I went to this place for my lunch fix. Didn't get caught up w the lunch crowd as I was there early(12pm). Waited for quite awhile for the dishes but boy, it was definitely worth the wait! Super crispy roast duck skin as well as the pork belly(fav). Charsiew's good too, but it'd be better if there's some sweet sauce to bring out the BBQ flavour. Chilli sauce wasn't fantastic, doesn't go well with the meat, a tad too sour for me. Overall, 4/5 for me! Be sure to order their noodles instead of rice. Thank me later.

This is soo goood- sugared-butter bread toast with vanilla icecream and yogurt dressing at the side. This combi definitely works for me! 😍😍😍